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The Truth About “”

I am sure that everyone by now knows about “” by now. The problem that I have with them is not that they are attempting to get people to give up smoking or never start it is the way that they are attempting to do it. They are as bad as the “evil” cigarette companies with their lies.

People and kids today are well educated and have the internet to look things up. So if you are telling people about cigarettes and you are stretching the truth or making it up, people will know and you will be doing a disservice to the service you are trying to provide.

You see they state among other things that cigarettes contain cyanide. Well the truth be told that they do not. This occurs when combustion takes place. Why am I writing this? Well I guess it is because I have finally seen enough of their manipulative commercials and the fact that they tout them as the honest truth. Cyanide is not so bad in the quantities that cigarettes give you or you would die instantly. Did you know that by breathing air, eating food, drinking water, you take in cyanide and it is used in making paper and textiles?

They also state that “Sodium hydroxide is a caustic compound found in hair removal products. It’s also found in cigarettes.” again I believe that this is not put into cigarettes but is a product of combustion. All of the chemicals that “” says are in cigarettes are also in your campfires and charcoal grills. Yet there are no issues with these things. The funniest thing that I find about the “Sodium hydroxide” complaint is that in their commercial they have 9 or 10 people with buckets, paint brushes, and rubber gloves on to paint hair remover onto the backs of 9 or 10 hairy men. Think about it they are claiming how dangerous this stuff is, they accentuate it with the buckets, paint brushes, and rubber gloves then they put this stuff on the backs of these men to spell the word cigarette or cigarettes. Does any one see the problem here? The back is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin and they put it on peoples backs while protecting hands one of the toughest skin parts with rubber gloves, and paint brushes. There is only one word for this and it is HYPOCRITICAL. This is no way to sway someone to your cause.

Here is another gem that has been twisted by not saying “why” this comment was made. “In 1996, the tobacco industry said that drinking one to two glasses of whole milk a day was riskier than second-hand smoke.” Let us examine this one. If the person who said this was my age or older he/she was told this more than likely in school. Why is that? Well there was this little thing that they did during WWII and beyond in the Midwest called NECULAR TESTING. Since it was new they either did not know or did not care about the “FALLOUT.” Hmmm, where did this fallout take place? Well the prevailing winds in this country come from the West and go to the East. What was East of these nuclear tests? DAIRY COUNTRY. What did these diary cows eat? Grain and grasses from the area affected by the fallout. This left the dairy cows eating radioactive food which filtered down to the milk. So this is why something that on the surface sounds horribly wrong but from that persons point of view it was and is true.

They just do not teach this anymore probably because now this radiation is so homogeneous in our country after 50-60 years, that it has become the new background radiation count. No so far fetched anymore is it?

I like this one too. “Human sweat contains urea and ammonia. So do cigarettes.” So perhaps then we are dieing from our sweat rather than cigarettes because a person cannot smoke all the time and we never stop sweating. Hmmm.

“Using smokeless tobacco is also associated with gingivitis, dental caries, abrasion, and staining.” Another good one that can be caused by poor oral hygiene, drinking coffee and tea, and eating blueberry pie.

“Since 1987, Big Tobacco has increased their spending on advertising and promotions every year, reaching $236.7 million in 2001.” Well duh, if you want to sell your product you have to spend money in advertising. It does not matter if you agree with the sale of said product it just matters if you understand how to stay in business.

“Acetic Acid is found in cigarettes. Acetic Acid is also found in floor wipes.” Yep, it is what gives vinegar its flavor. You see if kids find this mundane stuff out they will not fear cigarettes. See how they stretch the “truth.” My God it is an acid used for cleaning, yep, as a kid you ever clean a penny with vinegar? Sure you have.

“Formaldehyde is found in cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde preserves the dead.” Yep and it in water and I am sure we all have seen “Good Morning Vietnam” where there is formaldehyde in beer. Why? It is a very inexpensive clarifying agent that lightens the color of the beer and extends its shelf life. Not so common any more but it is still used today in parts of the world and perhaps in smaller brew companies to cut costs.

“Geraniol is found in cigarettes. Geraniol is also found in pesticides.” And in perfume that you put on your body and flavorings such as peach, raspberry, grapefruit, red apple, plum, lime, orange, lemon, watermelon, pineapple and blueberry that you put in your body. Oops!

I could go on but if you have not gotten the idea of what “truth” is by now you never will.

Do not get me wrong I am not saying that it is OK to smoke or that it is good for you or that it is not harmful but “” is not so truthful either is it?

It seems that as much as “” wants to stir a conspiracy theory about the cigarette and tobacco companies that they are stiring one for themselves. Interesting.

If you want “the truth” stay here with someone who has nothing to gain or loose by staying in business.


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