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Help! He Only Makes $150,000

OK, so I stole this one from Glenn Sacks Blog, so what I have given him a heads up on plenty of articles too. I just could not resist this one where a family is crying poor because they make only $150K and the mom does not want to have to buy her childrens clothes at Wal-Mart. Notice that she did not say her clothes.

Also a five bedroom house for 4 people, they only need 3 bedrooms.


My God I am nauseated. I think that I just threw up a little in my mouth. Here is my take on this . . .

What PLANET are these people from?!?

“the couple replaced their full-time nanny with a more cost-effective au pair “

How can they LIVE under these terrible conditions?

“began choosing long-weekend getaways instead of weeklong family vacations”

While unemployed the horrors. Yeah when I was out of work for 5 months I only could go to the unknown side of the Bahamas called Veranda Beach.

We have to decide between camping weekends (IN A TENT) at $15.00 a day or a new roof. So last summer my kids and I spent 2 weeks on the roof replacing wood and all. Yes I taught my two girls and my son how to do this and after a day they were no longer a hindrance but a help! They were quick studies, for that I am glad because if they were these people they would not want to sound bad because they could not bring themselves to buy their house roofing supplies from Home Depot or any other discount supply store. Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“they still shell out for membership at a local country club”

Yep! I have one of those also it is called THE BACK YARD.

“they rented a condo last summer on Block Island;”

Again while out of work! Fellow campers state their envy over my condo also the call it the Misiura Condo. It is a 10′ X 16′ X 6’01” tent.

“and they continue to pay hundreds a month for soccer, skating, T-ball and karate lessons for the children. They afford these things by dipping into the savings Scott put away during the flush years.”

Yeah right! Here is a ball now go get a couple of friends and play in the street.

“Tracey is trying, often unsuccessfully, to spend less on clothing for herself and the children. “Don’t make me look like a jerk,” she told a reporter, “but I cannot bring myself to buy my children’s clothes at Wal-Mart.”

So since she was worried about looking bad she knows that it is. Tracey that is an incredible demeaning thing to say to the rest of the real world. This plays you like a spoiled, self centered, patronizing snob!!! You have got to be kidding me! We have given clothes that no longer fit the children to friends, the Good Will, the Salvation Army, and AMVETS. You know what? There have been times in our life where we have had to go to these places to get clothes. I have NEVER seen anyone so UNGRATEFUL and CLUELESS for what they have (the tope 5% income earners) in my life as Tracey. If all their clothes fit but they wore them last week, wash them and wear them again, you do not need to buy clothes every week or month or year for that matter.

“The Berrys have been at this long enough to make light of the well-worn nature of their disagreement. “It goes like this,” Scott said. “‘How can you complain about me not earning an adequate income, when you can’t control your spending?”

On cue, Tracey chimed in. “And I say, ‘How can you complain about my spending when you don’t have an adequate income?’

I think I am going vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His salary was cut to $150K!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not enough? There is my wife, 3 kids, a dog, some fish, and me in a 3 bedroom 900-1,000 foot^2 RANCH. I do not even come close to making what he was CUT to, WE LIVE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK, there is no reserve. . .again she is . . . AWE FORGET IT . . . she would never understand anyway . . .

The worst of it is there are plenty of people on Glenn’s site that are smart enough to make more money but there are not that many good paying jobs to go around.

“There was a time when we had saved up enough to send both kids to Harvard,” he said. “Now I tell myself Harvard is not the only school.” Then he calculates how their dwindling savings will affect their annual retirement income.”

Yeah, what is that word “retirement” mean?!? Um, yeah . . . my kids just like me (I was the first person in my family to go to college) are going to have to get loans, work study, and get a job, and learn to save money but doing things that they can (like the roofing that I taught them) themselves.

“I love that he’s a great father,” Tracey said. “He takes them on outings. He coaches soccer. He’s signed them up for a Y.M.C.A. program and they all get Indian names — Samantha is Smiling Fox and Max is Flaming Arrow. It’s so adorable.”

How disrespectful and condescending. I do not mean the names because in the Boy Scouts of America there is a Special Order called the “Order of the Arrow”of which I am still a member, where emulating the good lessons and lifestyles and beliefs of the Indians is revered.

But her so cute comment is condescending at best. Again, NOT A CLUE.

“Tracey sounded more tentative. She and Scott sat on either end of the couch during an interview not long ago as she used two hands to tick off the number of marriages that she knows are foundering or ending.”

“Economics isn’t the only reason, of course, but it doesn’t help,” she said. She paused for a moment, considering the distance she and Scott have traveled. Then she shifted her seat to move closer to her husband.”

“Economics” EXCEPT for an OVERSPENDING partner that will not stop should NEVER be a cause, remember for better or worse?!?!? Oh yeah except when the MAN looses his job or has to take a salary cut etc. Sorry but Tracey is showing her real self during this “trying time” and she is no one that I would care to know,


3 Responses to “Help! He Only Makes $150,000”

  1. “Heavens to Murgatroyd!” … the horrors some people just have to endure. I really feel for these salt of the earth folk ( cough …gag gag …).

  2. PJ,

    LOL It is so abhorrent the conditions under which these people must live.


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