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Obama and Equal Pay Bill

I am just a little more than concerned when a President buys into something that has been built on hype, exaggeration, and manipulation of the statistics.

What does he not understand about the facts? It is illegal to have pay discrimination. Women have legal recourse already.

Well here is my take and it is just not figured out by the end of the year W-2 forms because that kind of direct comparison does not tell the whole story the womens’ right activists know it.

There is a very good reason that women do not make the same as a man which advocates for women are hesitant to admit and with good reason because it would expose the farce for what it is.

I am not saying that some employees do not try to take advantage but for the vast majority of women they:

1. Have not been in the work force as long

2. Do not work the overtime that men do

3. Take less hazardous jobs that do not pay as well

4. Take time off of work for child rearing

5. Are less willing to travel further for the better paying job

6. Women by far out number men as part time employees

7. Women are in and out of the work force more than men

8. Men tend to have more consecutive years in the work force

These are just the highlights that explain the disparity.

Chew on this for a while in the 25 top dangerous jobs the employees consist of only or mostly men.

90% of all on the job deaths are men . . . So women are you willing to trade money for your life? Somehow I doubt it.

Men are also the majority of outdoor jobs exposed to all sorts of weather, are women willing to leave their climate controlled offices? Yeah, right.



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