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Georgia State Flag

Another “education of the ignorant masses” by bikerbernie. Whether or not you realize it the civil war has not ended it just keeps going into moments of cease fire. I love to stir the pot and this time I really hope that this blog aggravates all the people behind the movement to change the Georgia State flag. You see before you jump into thing you really should do some research.

The last civil war “cease fire” occurred on May 8th, 2003 in Georgia. Little did the “victorious” know that they lost and lost big but through the grace of ignorance they think they won. You do not know anything about this important date in history? You should. I am sure that after my post someone will start another campaign to change the flag again.

Let me tell you about a story about a group of people who got together and decided that the then current flag of Georgia was “racist” because it had a reminder of the Confederate States of America on it.

That flag looked like this:

The first question is “How can a flag be racist?” I do not believe that it can because it is not capable of action of its own free will with intent to insult. That aside it must be the part of the flag that included the confederate battle flag (known to many as the “Stars and Bars” which of course is incorrect, I will address that later). So this group if uninformed ignorant people held protests, had petitions signed, lobbied for a change to the flag and many thousands of hours later and who knows how much money (tax payer money) was spent on the this and the below is what was decided by the committee who wanted the change to be acceptable;

If you do not understand the problem you need to study history a little more because below is the real “Stars and Bars” or the first flag of the First National Flag of the Confederacy.

Now let us take a look at them both shall we?

Does anyone see a major difference? I do not.

The south said it would rise again, it did, and they won this battle.

The people that instigated the change traded one “racist” flag for another, the joke is on them.


3 Responses to “Georgia State Flag”

  1. The difference between the 1st National and the current flag is the current flag is the flag of disenfranchisement of 79% of Ga voters.

    Rep tyrone brooks tried and finally won his push to remove the 1956 flag, convincing King Rat barnes to change it to appease him and jesse jackson. While a Mason Dixon poll showed 79% of Georgians were happy with the 56 flag, barnes and brooks and Ga State Rep and Gov Candidate austin scott met in secret to plan it’s demise.

    You didn’t give mention to barnes and his 110 week long ugly blue legacy rag, but when perdue won election on the promise to allow a viote on the 56 flag, he traded the 56 flag away as a choice to the black caucus for a few pennies tax on tobacco. barnes lied. sonny lied.

    sonny created a whole new flag (current) and nowhere in it’s description is the word Confederate. In fact out of the 13 stars on the flag, 9 represent NORTHERN STATES !

    We all got screwed on that one, everyone but the commie left blacks

  2. The whole argument over the Georgia state flag is just the Left trying to vilify White culture and heritage. The Confederate flag is a symbol of White Southern culture and people take comfort and pride in it. So, of course the Left does everything it can to destroy it – they don’t want us to have any sense of pride or identity.

  3. Agreed, but I find it so ironically funny that those that wanted to change it had it changed to another Confederate flag. In fact they changed it to a first flag that very closely resembles the first flag of the Confederacy.


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