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Lefties; We are in our Right Mind!

There are many things that I am an activist for and one is “Southpaws.” There are so many things that we decide that are illegal to discriminate against, race, religion, paraplegia, blind, heart patients, the list is long but not complete.

There is an old saying that goes like this; If the left side of you brain controls the right side of your body and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left handers are the only people in their right mind.

This is I am sure odd to others that because our plight is not mainstream. It is odd that if I have many of societies maladies that really are hampering but not recognized as problematic. Here is a small list, left handed, red headed, color blind, oh yea try growing up in the cold war and being Russian (or any of the other “block” Countries that were considered the USSR).

Many tools and utensils are right handed if you realize it or not. This is why lefties appear “clumsy.” Even kitchen knives are right handed.

Color blind or deficient is a biggie, you cannot be a pilot, electrician of any kind, be it telephones or high voltage, varying scientists, God forbid if you have to determine red or blue shift, not that even a color blind person can tell if the little lines shifted to the right or the left.

Well now that we have a president that is more of a celebrity that a president (the three presidents before Bush were also left handed) perhaps we can affect some change in this world. Not for me by maybe my kids.

Right handed items:
Gun safety locks
Key Boards
Hand held 2 way radios
CB Radios
Mobile 2 way radios
Chair desks
Computer mouse (esp. ergonomic)
Circular saw
Golf Clubs
Baseball helmets
Adjustable office chairs
Shirts with pen pockets or sleeve pen pockets
Vending machines
Copy machines
Can openers
Folders with pads of paper
Coffee mugs
Beer steins
Computer cursors
Tape measures

Just to name a few

In case you have not noticed so are computer smilies you might often see a left handed person do this (-= instead of this =-) and where the code is read by the computer and automatically adds the icon it will not do this for the left handed way.


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