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STOP ALREADY! Barack Obama is not Black and not First

Barack Obama is not black he is mulatto. He is the 43rd first which makes him the 44th president. I am tired of all the hoopla over something that is not. There is never a second first that is 2nd, period. I am tired of everyone in this country having to be “special.”

If I were his mother or grand parents I would slap him for conspicuously ignoring half of his heritage.

Is it any wonder why kids are not doing well in school or are confused by what is true and what is myth? My children have corrected their teachers on this and many other issues. My God my son had to correct one of his teachers because she was trying to teach kids that our country is a democracy and she did not accept that we are a republic.

There is no hope for us as a species if we keep putting our own personal slant on things because it sounds good or rosy. There is only one truth. Let us not confuse our kids from now on.

Barack Obama should be the FIRST person to set the record straight, and I will have a hard time addressing him as president until he does.

Stop rewriting history BEFORE it happens.


6 Responses to “STOP ALREADY! Barack Obama is not Black and not First”

  1. Well we do have a black first lady which is important to me for obvious reasons. But you’re right, Obama is not black.

  2. LorMarie,

    You are black? I am not being facetious, I really did not know or if you had mentioned it in your posts I did not pay attention because not only is it not germane to most of Glenn’s blogs but I do not typically find a persons race in the US particularly important since we are a melting pot.


  3. Well,

    It is nice to have you in my corner then regarding Obama. Tell me because it really is not obvious to me; why is it important to you to have a black first lady? As for me it is no big deal any more than any other first lady. I mean I did not vote for her so it means little. One of my favorites was the Barbara Bush because she just seemed to ooze class. She seemed to know how to handle herself in all situations. But again I have not ever voted for a first lady.

    I fear for you a bit because you are making yourself vulnerable. Michelle Obama has yet to prove herself as a first lady. She has a long four years to go. It seems to me that you have expectations and she may not have any ambition to take any of the lime light. Perhaps that is not important to her. What would you do then?

    Whether or not I have voted for a president that won I have always taken a “wait and see” attitude because they all have promised much and not all have delivered.


  4. If the campaign trail is any indication, she’ll make a great first lady. Her presence is important because she defies stereotypes. Even if Obama fails (and I don’t think he will), she still has a chance to make a difference. Since she is first lady rather than president, the pressure will be lighter.

    Regarding the wait and see approach, I agree. Obama is president and the honeymoon is over.

  5. Good points, understood now . . .

    I think he has great potential, well actually that is a no brainer because hopefully because his lack of experience he will be less corrupt and less influenced by those factors. My hope for any one that would be president now is that they can hold an even keel if they do better than that they deserve the countries kudos, I am not holding my breath, he was left a mess, that is not to let him off the hook for everything that goes wrong in the future.

    “Regarding the wait and see approach, I agree. Obama is president and the honeymoon is over.”

    That is for sure . . . and LOL
    I really hope he does not go for the draft; I have a son and fear for him having to “Fight the wrong fight” as we have since Korea.


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