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Boys Charged after Girls Send them Nude Photos

Hello? Oops it is a picture sent to my cell phone. Some underage girl dials wrong and sends me a nude picture of herself and I get charged with possession of kiddy porn. This is exactly what happened in Pennsylvania to three boys 16 and 17 years old when the girls 14 and 15 sent them nude pictures of themselves.

OK in this case the girls were charged also but that is not the point, they deserve to be charged. The issue is with the boys who received the pictures. You cannot stop anyone from sending you these pictures, thus having them is not your fault. Let us take this to a further absurdity level. Let us say that these boys or you received these pictures and you did not know the sender and it was difficult to tell their age because they did not put their faces in the picture. You are now able to be charged with kiddy porn because suddenly the girl realizes that she sent the picture to the wrong number? Balderdash! You may not have had the chance to open the pictures until after you and your cell were tracked down.

Notice the most important issue here is the headline which states that six students are charged with sharing nude photos when it was only the girls that had done this and the had only received them.

I guess that if I were these boys parents I would file a sexual harassment suit.

This nonsense has got to stop!



3 Responses to “Boys Charged after Girls Send them Nude Photos”

  1. In VT, there is a big problem with students “sexting”. There have been several arrests and school officials are starting to crack down on students sending sexy text messages or nude photos.

    I think there is more to this story than is currently being revealed.

  2. Savior,

    I bet you are right. Thanks for posting, come back anytime.


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