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Why We do not like Hillary a Biased Report

OK, here is a real gem that I responded to . . .

NOTE: I had posted last night (the first post) on this site calling it as I see it, and now I have been censored. How hypocritical is it that an article that states Bottom line: We feel threatened by a strong, smart woman who is not afraid to call it like she sees it.” an then they censor a man like me that has done exactly the same thing? Oh yeah female privilege thing again, women can, men cannot.

Oh brother, CNN really does not like me, oh well their loss! I have tried to post several times since and they will not let a strong man calling it as he sees it post, I guess that privilege is reserved for women.

CNN Video


“Hillary Clinton has long been a controversial figure, not really because of anything she’s done”

Are you kidding me? I do not know what she has done for NY besides visit our Krispy Kream in the Town of Tonawanda, NY more than a few times and now it is belly up.

”women who seek access to the corridors of power as men have done for centuries.”

Um, those men, almost all of them have spent a lifetime in politics to get where they are and she just waltzed into one of the most powerful positions in the country.

”Men don’t like it because they don’t want the added competition.”

Men do not like it because she did not have to work very hard for it BECAUSE she is a woman, who would not resent that?

”Women don’t like it because it challenges the choices we have made in our own lives.”

Wrong again, women like my wife do not like her because they can see through the facade that is Hillary Clinton. Something that the over privileged would not understand.

”Bottom line: We feel threatened by a strong, smart woman who is not afraid to call it like she sees it.”

Um, that is because the way she sees it is misguided.

”But then I think of all the women who have come before and what they might have done with their lives and for their country if only given the chance”

Curious Freudian slip “given the chance” and that is the issue is it not? That women want to be given the chance instead of earning it. Oops.

”not to mention the countless women who couldn’t even vote before 1920, much less hope to serve their country in any greater capacity than motherhood.”

Oh man, my heart bleeds. What has this got to do with anything today? It is doubtful that any of these women are alive. Also long before this a woman ran for president, Victoria Claflin Woodhull in 1872.

”Don’t get me wrong; behind every great man is a great woman and that woman is often is mother. After all, the founding fathers all had mothers from whom they no doubt got their courage and democratic ideals”.

Um, yeah, right. What these men did not have fathers to thank for their courage and republic ideals. You do know that we are a republic, right? Or did you miss that day in class because you were at some female privilege rally where men who scored higher on tests than women lost there earned opportunity to a woman lower on the list because of affirmative action and the demand to be “given the opportunity.”

”But I believe our country is made even stronger by those women who now seek to stand shoulder to shoulder with men. I am happy that my daughter — and my son — will have their fine example.”

You son will be left behind in school, collage, and job opportunities because of these women who stand shoulder to shoulder with men. That is because you son unlike your daughter will have to sign up with the selective service to attend many collages, will not receive a federal loan if he asserts his God and Constitutional rights to be treated and legally ask for equal protection under the law. I New York State just a few years ago the Governor in this day in age of supposed “equal rights” signed a bill into law that will not allow a man acquire his drivers license with out his selective service card. Furthermore, yes men feel and are threatened because of selective service laws. They cannot get a guaranteed school loan, all jobs at the federal level, many at the state, county, and local level. These are current events.

WOW, what kind of reporter does not know how the world works? If you do know then you are intentionally skewing these issues.

Yes it is their site and they can do as they please but censoring views only creates a one-sided view.



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