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One more “Racist” Absurdity


Prince Harry to whom I have no feeling for one way or another, he is just another person to me has been lambasted for using the work “paki” and referring endearingly to a friend of his with the nick name “our little paki friend.”

You know strike that, really I harbor some animosity toward England because it seems much of the time the English harbor feelings of superiority over Americans. So really the fact that I am defending Harry is more poignant.

Things are way out of hand. It seems that again only whites can be ridiculed for improprieties that are not improprieties. I do not even know why “paki” is offensive. I visited a similar situation HERE. I am offended that everyone except Europeans of any flavor can be offended at the slightest of things. I could not apologize like Harry did simply because he did absolutely nothing wrong.

Harry I know you have a royal image to up keep but in this day and age it is time to start telling people to “piss off” in cases like this I bet that you would receive much public support.




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