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Miracles Still Happen!

There is no doubt in my mind despite his humility Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is a true hero. When I could afford it I have done some flying on puddle jumpers and what he done that day is nothing short of miraculous. My hats off to you Sully do not be too humble after all you saved 155 people.

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

Newsing BBC Image

I am not particularity religious, I favor science but I do not see a conflict between the two. I believe that in the past science replaced religion. This is prevalent in the fact that we no longer believe in a rain, sun, crop, war,tree, party, fertility, lunar, earth, fire, and water, gods. Most peoples now believe in one God, no matter what he is called, he is the same God.

Today if you look closely at science it seems that science itself proves the existence of God because of the remarkably outrageous odds that have come together to make the universe and life itself. Also one has to at least entertain the possibility that if they believe that the “stuff” or matter that created the universe was always here then logically one cannot rule out the possibility that a supreme being was always here because it would not be logical to do otherwise.

With that being said, today a plane hit a flock of birds stalling both engines on it and the skillful pilots landed it in the Hudson river. All 150 survived the landing and the drift down river. All were rescued safely. Despite all the physics involved that can explain how this occurred the odds against it far outweigh everyone surviving. To me this is nothing less than a miracle, I am sure that most would agree.

In water that is 32.5° it takes about 15 minutes for exaustion or unconsciensness and terminal at 45 minutes.

What is really interesting is that on MSN there was the intro on the main page just stating that a plane has crashed in to frigid Hudson and all survived and I instantly thought miracale. All stories that I clicked on have dubbed this the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Do not question it, celebrated it for what it is . . . a miracle!



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