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Yellowstone Cladera Revisited

The world’s largest active geyser “Steamboat Geyser” in Yellowstone.

UPDATE: The Yellowstone caldera area has experienced 900 + quakes in the week following December 26, 2008. Sure quakes are not unusual there or anywhere else for that matter but an increase in activity always means something. No it does not mean that the world as we know it will end but it can never be ruled out. What are the chances? The USGS will tell you that this is not an exact science so part of the point is would you stand on railroad tacks knowing that few people are killed by trains each year?

The word here is not fear it is caution and with good reason. This volcano has high potential of being an ELE. Will it be in our lifetime? Again no one knows, even the people that work at Yellowstone will tell you that if you ask them that question directly (Try it I did). If you notice their answers are all keyed to prevent panic, even wide spread panic. This is not such a bad idea because in many circumstances a natural event can often kill far fewer people than people who panic.

I do find it funny that many authorities state that EVERYTHING is unlikely to happen in our lifetime but it does have to happen sometime and someday they will be wrong.

So, be prepared but not panicked that is all.


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