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2012 Catasrophy from the Sun?

Fun stuff, read on.

As if the Mayan calendar, Nibiru (planet X), or an asteroid is not enough, NASA just outed our Sun to end life as we know it. A solar storm is due in 2012 that may make the 1859 storm look like a walk on the park. In 1859 the solar activity overheated telegraph lines that caused widespread fires. A repeat performance of our life giving friend today would do the same but on a much grander scale. Our whole world is connected by electronics from power grids to the internet, banks, prescription drugs, water lines, gas lines, emergency services, satellites, and governmental infrastructures. If a similar event were to take place today it is possible that one hundred and thirty million, that is 130,000,000 plus people could be without power (in the US alone), taking months to fix and by then it would be far to late and anarchy would have taken a stronghold for the simple necessities of life. It seems that the more we are told that doomsday is a remote possibility the various governmental agencies contradict themselves that we are in deep trouble because of our tech world.



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