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When does a Boy become a Man?

At what age does a boy become a man? I ask this because I was reading an MSNBC article that reminded me that I have seen this very frequently in articles. The article itself is not important it is that it reminded me about the frequency. Some are men at 16, others at 18, and still some at 20 and 21. Many periodicals use several different milestone birthdays for “men” I must pay more attention to how the do this with women.

Remember the 8 year old boy police want to charge as an adult? CLICK HERE This makes him a man also.

I guess what I find odd is the many diametrically opposed views we have of a man in age alone let alone the many other aspects of life. All the ages I mentioned except 21 these “men” cannot have a beer, they are asked to kill people and die for their country but have a beer, oh no you cannot handle that.



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