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Man Killed by Wife for Hugging Woman

Most of you I am sure are familiar feminists’ objections to saying things like “my wife” because that makes a human being a possession. Seriously I would like someone to explain to me how one can speak in generalities without using the possession of “my.” I digress; Rajini Narayan actually claimed that his penis was hers and hers alone. Because he hugged another woman Narayan poured alcohol on her husbands genitals while he was sleeping (a frequent occurrence by women assaulting men) and set them on fire. He jumped out of bed spilled the open container of alcohol spreading the fire on him. The result is that he died.

Does anyone believe that she will end up on death row or spend the rest of her life behind bars? I do not.




3 Responses to “Man Killed by Wife for Hugging Woman”


    the same article links to a related one where, as a joke, two men lit another man’s crotch on fire using a bottle of cologne. One, a parollee, was sentenced to 2 years and the other was sentenced 45 days. They both had pleaded no contest to felony great bodily injury. The man received non fatal, but second degree burns to his testicles.

    While not quite an apples to apples case – she ultimately killed her husband after a few days of suffering, AND destroyed her building and an adjacent one, yet claimes it’s a crime of passion, whereas these two numbskulls were just a pair of drunken ‘tards.

  2. […] Man Killed by Wife for Hugging Woman […]

  3. Murder is Murder. Especially by a Jealous woman. Since when is passion an excuse? Maybe I should passionately burn down the Family Court. Hmm.

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