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911 I’m Driving Drunk says Girl 17

What are the odds that she will receive a “female discount?” You get one guess. Of course she was not sited for driving drunk or charged with consuming as a minor. Do you think this would happen to a guy? Odds are stacked against it. It is quite typical for a woman of any age to be released to another adult on perhaps an appearance ticket. A boy or a man gets to spend the night in a cell until he sobers up. This is another disturbing fact in the inequities of how men and women are treated differently by the law. This has got to stop. Either release men on an appearance ticket or have the women spend the nigh in a cell also.

Here is another really neat law from NYS and probably others also; A woman in the cross bar hotel have to have a matron that can observe them in person, also no cameras in their cell. Funny since m en only have to be checked every half hour and can have cameras in their cell. Equal protection under the law, BULLHOCKEY!

Why is this so important?

One reason is that men have a greater chance of committing suicide successfully without a constant watch. Women will be saved. Just another example of how men rate in this country and women think that they are second class citizens HA!

Notice how they offer an excuse for her behavior. By the way, they release names at 16 years of age, apparently another perk of being a female. Notice anything else missing? If they are treating her as a minor why was CPS not notified? She had been drinking for the last several weeks and the parents had no idea, please.



‘Hello 911? I’m driving drunk’
Teenager arrested after calling cops on New Year’s Eve


BISMARCK, N.D. – Police get calls about drunken drivers all the time, but rarely do they come from the alleged offender.

A 17-year-old girl in Bismarck called 911 on New Year’s Eve “to report herself driving under the influence,” police Lt. Randy Ziegler said. “I’ve never heard of such a thing happening, and neither has anyone here.”

The girl told authorities her location shortly before midnight Wednesday and officers found her in a parked car near downtown, Ziegler said. She failed a sobriety test and was arrested for failing to have control of her vehicle while intoxicated.

The girl, whose name was not released because of her age, was not cited for drunken driving, Ziegler said.

“Her keys were in her purse and she was parked,” Ziegler said. “She did tell us that she had been driving around for hours.”

The call probably was a plea for help, he said.

“She told us her life was spiraling out of control, and she had spent the majority of time drinking over the past two weeks,” Ziegler said.

The girl was released to her parents Thursday.

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