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Happy New year! NO SEX FOR YOU!

I find it abhorrent, and in this case maybe the W is missing in the word abhorrent’ that women would manipulate their men by refusing sex. Honestly if the woman in your life is going to use sex as weapon it diminishes its intimacy, meaning, and honesty, I do not care what reason is. If she does do this, run, do not walk away. I could not live with someone that views sex as anything other than showing love, caring and intimacy for each other.

What do you think?




2 Responses to “Happy New year! NO SEX FOR YOU!”

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  2. Personally, if SHE choses not to have sex, then her butt can get to the couch to enforce her withdrawal. I’m not the family pet to be banished or exiled from various parts of the house at will.

    Second, yes, if this manipulation goes on in your marriage, it’s time to return the favor, and plan on getting out, while you can still find your balls yourself.

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