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Facebook and Brestfeeding

If you have not heard of it by now there is a big brouhaha over Facebook removing pictures and videos of moms breastfeeding. They ARE NOT contrary to popular gripes removing all of them.

No, breastfeeding is not dirty or pornographic, hell when I was a kid i grew up when neighbors actually sat on their front porches and conversed when people walked by, while breastfeeding their kids.

I personally believe that many of the women who started this protest were seeing how far they could push and envelope and that is not right.

1) Why do you have to put these pictures and videos on line?
2) If you want to share with family members then ** EMAIL ** them, it IS that easy.
3) It is Facebooks property, they and they alone have the right to dictate what is and is not appropriate whether or not you or I approve. GET USE TO IT! They can do as they please, you accepted their agreement so you are out of luck. The moment someone tells me what I can do on my personal site is the day that our republic based on a democracy takes an another giant hit to personal rights.
4) These women can PAY for their own site, write it, maintain it, and make up their own rules. Oh yeah, these women do not want to have to pay, they want a site that someone else pays for and allows them to use it FOR FREE and then they want to make the rules. Get a grip people you have no right!

There are many other issues that come into play here if if you do not understand or agree with these you never will. I am telling you your stance is wrong. Do not tell me about freedom speech either because this is not covered by the freedom of speech, it is someone else’s property and if you do not like their rules you can pay for your own space go somewhere else, just leave or play by their rules.

If you come to my house and you do not like my rules and I ask you to leave and you do not that is TRESSPASSING, I believe that this same law should apply to web sites.

Be aware the above is coming because of Megan Meier myspace incident. This might have been avoided if their computer was in a common room.

One more gem, people have been DEMANDING that websites assume parental responsibilities regarding safeguarding THEIR children and now that some sight is doing this based on what they believe is appropriate people are all up in arms about it. This defies ALL LOGIC.

Let me add that you are the parents and I do not believe that web sites should be responsible to be a parent. No computers should be in kids rooms they should be in a common area so that YOU as a PARENT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN KIDS ACTIONS. It is your job to teach them what you think is appropriate or not.



3 Responses to “Facebook and Brestfeeding”

  1. The women are protesting because the very foundation of the rules at Facebook regarding breastfeeding contributes to low breastfeeding rates (they may be high when the moms leave the hospital but are terribly low by 3 months) for which countries around the western world pay high costs in terms of child development and medical care. The concern is for the most vulnerable, the babies, for whom breastfeeding is best – that is no longer in dispute scientifically. Breastfeeding moms face a storm of negative reactions when they try to breastfeed in public the stress leads them to stop doing it, which means the substitute of a bottle in public then leads to a reduction in milk supply, nipple confusion and basically an sabotage of the whole process. Breastfeeding requires feeding on demand, so unless women are being asked to stay home until their babies stop breastfeeding, which will be at 2 years old if they follow UNICEF, WHO and PAHO guidelines, the rest of the population has to stop the on the image of public breastfeeding. The issue if far deeper than wanting to push the envelope and wanting to make your own rules in someone else’s house.

    I must admit I do not understand the US taboo about breastfeeding and the image of the breastfeeding woman – why would there be objection to something that is so progressive and of such benefit to the development of the mother, child and community. Some women choose to give formula, but I don’t see a great lobby from lactivist urging Facebook or any of those sites to remove pictures of mothers using bottles, pacifiers, etc.

    Finally, the same freedoms which allow people to blog about their objections are the same freedoms which give those breastfeeding women the right to post their pictures. They are not breaking rules because their pictures are not pornographic and all that nonsense. There is so much intolerance for people who make different choices in a society where everyone wants to demand their space to be an individual. Let the women post their pictures – there are far more pornographic images and far more nudity on all these sites. Intolerance is dangerous, far more dangerous than any pornographic material and that is what should be censored on the internet.

  2. tibsmom,

    I hope you are being facetious. Your points a more that weak they are wrong.

    You try to muddy the water with the health benefits that children receive from breastfeeding. No one has denied that these benefits exist, but you infer it.

    You cannot seriously expect me to believe that women stop breastfeeding their children because Facebook will not let them post pictures or videos of breast feeding. That idea is delusional. If it is not to these women and they really feel that way need serious psychological help, and perhaps should not have had children in the first place.

    As far as the storm of negative reactions, that is just an outlandish and non sequitur statement. I have three children and mom breast fed every one of them. We did not stop going out because of this and my wife breastfed thousands of times in public. When we were in public especially at a restaurant because she chose to breastfeed she brought an extra burp towel to discreetly cover herself and her baby because she realized that she is not the ONLY person in the world. You do realize that you have responsibilities to others around you, right?

    In all those times that we were out in public not once did anyone have a problem with it and/or give us a negative reaction, whatever that is. So what are these negative reactions of which you speak? Do you have any examples since you seem to be an expert on the subject? Besides if there are any negative reactions be a parent and ignore the jerk. There are jerks everywhere in life and if you cannot handle a jerk for the sake of your child’s welfare again you should not have become a parent. It is that simple. I sincerely believe that you are blowing things way out of proportion to get your way, it will not work with me because I know the truth.

    What would you have me believe about these mothers if they cannot handle a simple little thing like breastfeeding and others negative reactions that it causes so much stress that they stop? To me this states that they would not save their kid in a more serious situation by sacrificing themselves by pushing them out of the way of a car out of control. That’s right I forgot that is what the disposable husbands and boyfriends are for, right?

    There are other options like going into the commode if YOU feel that uncomfortable about feeding your child.

    I know what breastfeeding entails I am not ignorant. Furthermore, the only person that can sabotage the breast feeding process is the mom. No one can make you or anyone else do or not do something. It is a choice. People should not have children if they are not up to the lifestyle changes.

    You seem to go on ad nauseam regarding the health benefits and again I never said that there were not benefits. I seems to me when women want their way when they know they are wrong that they make meager attempts to derail the topic by digressing into tangents that have nothing to do with the original statement or problem.

    It has been from my vast experience with this exact subject that there is no taboo about breastfeeding in public. I have not seen or experienced it. This topic has come up with friends and they have not had this experience either.

    The issue ** is ** that people are causing trouble in someone else’s house whether or not you want to acknowledge that. The deeper part does not come from Facebook or the people that own it, it is the protesters that are again like it or not want to make rules in other peoples houses. Did you not read my original statement? No one is telling you that you cannot breastfeed which you are implying. Specific people are telling you what you can and cannot do with or on their property. You have absolutely no right to govern this.

    ”Some women choose to give formula, but I don’t see a great lobby from lactivist urging Facebook or any of those sites to remove pictures of mothers using bottles, pacifiers, etc.”

    Your above statement is so ludicrous that it would insult the integrity of my blog to answer so I will not.

    You are sadly mistaken if you believe that your freedom of speech extends you that courtesy wherever you go. If you do or say something that I do not like I can ask you to leave and you have to comply or suffer the consequences. It is Facebooks site, it is their club, and their rules, if you do not like them you are free to leave and not click the accept button. Furthermore, they have the right to change their mind and rules at anytime. You are a guest there for FREE. You have to wrap your head around that before you can see that I am right.

    Again since it does not seem that you read my original post for comprehension I will reiterate this:

    These women have the right to start their own web site, maintain it, pay for it, and post anything they want on it. The also can email these pictures to friends, family, and relatives. This does not cost them anything. What about this do you not understand? If Facebook says that they are breaking the rules then they are breaking the rules, period. You may not think that fair but tough, you are an adult deal with it.

    You cannot tell me that I HAVE to leave your posts on my blog it is that simple. The best part of this is that I will leave your post up because it will do more for my cause than I ever could.

    I cannot believe that you said:

    ”There is so much intolerance for people who make different choices in a society where everyone wants to demand their space to be an individual.”

    because this is exactly what you will not allow the people at Facebook to do; to be an individual with their own sets or morals and ethics. It seems to me that you need to practice what you preach and allow Facebook to be Facebook according to their form of individualism. A reminder it is their site to do as they please not yours to do as you please.

    Keeping with the way you think I DEMAND that you give me your blog site address and DEMAND that you publish my view. Are you willing to do that? Or are you going to let your dangerous intolerance of my view be the proverbial snowball that starts the avalanche?

    The decision is yours. If you live by the sword you die by the sword.

    You still never answered as to why these women feel compelled to place this pictures or videos on line?

    Lastly, to deal with one more of your digressions into the tangents to derail my post is that I never said that there were not worse sites on the internet nor would I argue it.

    I have a great idea for you. You should start a conversational site and tell these women to come to your site for FREE and do what ever they want!

    I will stop now because like I said in my original post if you do not understand my original points you probably never will.


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