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1,000 Individual Hits!

Well, I set a goal for myself and that was to have enough interesting blogs to achieve 1,000 views in a month, and today was my milestone day. Thanks to all of you regular visitors and to those of you who are new. There was a period there over the summer that I did not blog a frequently as I would have liked to but as the days became shorter and colder I spent more time digging up issues and interests. I know that 1,000 views is not much to some but with any amount of luck and hard work I hope to become a minor blog sensation.

Time will tell.

Thanks again and all the best,



5 Responses to “1,000 Individual Hits!”

  1. Hey, congrats Bernie, good work.

  2. Thanks Mike it is satisfying to see a site grow.


  3. Thanks to everyone I finished this month with 1,158 HITS.

    Now I would like to see comments! (-=


  4. […] Over 1,000 Views so far March 17 Well, it seems this bog site is growing in leaps and bounds. We just had another banner month with over 1,000 hits by the 17th of March. At this rate we should be able to break our previous record of 1,158 in December 2008. See here 1,000 individual Hits! […]

  5. Keep it going Benny!! lol….you make things….interesting.. F.J.

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