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Free Airline Ticket and Lifetime Green Card “Lottery”

This is no joke! I am not opposed to immigration, just illegal immigration and NO FREE RIDES! God forbid if you need help from our government and you were born here, work here, pay taxes here, and do VOLUNTEER WORK here, because YOU a US citizen will not get it. But the government not only gives away 55,000 (including any needed for their family) free LIFETIME green cards a year but also they will give them and their family the airfare to get here! It is time for a change and Obama is NOT going to be it. How much you want to bet that Obama’s illegal relatives get one of these cards?

Write your reps NOW! Repeal this law! Take care of our own first!

How much do you think this costs our economy? Um, because of our economy many have been laid off yet we are telling these people that we have jobs for them?!? WAKE UP AMERICA!

If you doubt me “CLICK HERE”

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2 Responses to “Free Airline Ticket and Lifetime Green Card “Lottery””

  1. […] details: Free Airline Ticket and Lifetime Green Card "Lottery" […]

  2. THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!

    There’s been a visa lottery program going on since the mid-90’s (you-know-who put that in – yep, Clinton!) but now they’re sweetening the pot by giving away free airplane tickets?

    Must be part of our tax dollars going as “stimulus spending” for the airlines!

    WTF is next, a reality show? I can see it now, “Who Wants to be an American?” and the immigrants are followed through their daily routines while adapting to the USA, learning English, etc… better stop before someone reads this and steals my idea! I COPYRIGHTED THIS!!!!!! LOL!!!!

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