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Women are Created Equal; or are They?

Please excuse any typos and grammar errors, I was so excited by this I just had to post this as soon as I could.

Ya just gotta luv when time proves you right. I feel vindicated, not that I care because I have strong opinions and in my gut I always know that they are right and that time is on my side. It is like when I was a kid and right up into late adulthood. I have always stated that there are other planets out there and just because we do not have the technology or the smarts to find them did not mean that they did not exist. My basis of some of my scientific statements were based in part that we use to lock up people as late as the 1950’s for their belief that we would get to the moon one day. Now we have scores of planets found and of course we have been to the moon (maybe for you conspiracy theorists LOL).

Well for all of those that wrote me off because I believed that we could get to the moon . . . metaphorically speaking . . . my strong statements that girls/women should not play on boys/men’s sports teams have been proven right! Part of my point being that when there are cuts where can these boys/men now go play? Can they try out for a girls/women’s team? An emphatic no! But they should be able to if all things are equal. So if there is a girls/women’s team for these girls/women they should have to stay and try out there. I have been a staunch advocate of this for years, decades even and it has been a long up hill battle.

My proof will follow.

Again if women want to be equal then there should be no sex-separated sports. What is fair for one gender is fair for another.

My other issue is that sex change operations should be illegal and they cause moral and ethical problems and social dilemmas. Well it is all address by a simple minor sporting event being called a * scandal. *

I am going to bask in my moment of glory and tell those of you who had no problem with girls/women on boys/men’s teams or sports to EAT CROW! YA GOTTA LUV IT!

It seams that a “woman’s” golf long drive champ was born a man. Well whoopee do! You asked for it; you got it. Now what are you going to do? Quite a pickle! I know that it will not be treated with the dynamics that it deserves, Lana Lawless will be dismissed as a man and all his/her records and trophies taken away, dispite “Added former women’s world champion Lee Brandon: “In 2005, the USGA approved transgender involvement in competition, so I don’t see how we can dispute this.”, you mark my words.

Remember “I am shocked more women are not complaining about this,” three-time world champion Sean “The Beast” Fister said. “It’s not an apples-to- apples deal. Men and women are different.”

Also the MSN poll “Is it fair for women who use to be men compete as women? is a resounding 78% no and 22% yes as of 12/23/2008. We do not seem to practice what we preach.

I am beaming! Watch this one closely people because if Lana Lawless is determined to be a man in this case than we cannot play it both ways folks. Any person that started off as another sex remains that original sex just as I always asserted. This is not prejudice or a phobia it is simple fact. DNA will confirm I am right and now so will society, with their expected and typical hypocritical backpedaling when this incident is no longer news worthy. I will do my best to keep circulating as a nice little reminder of how hypocritical people truly are. Ya gotta look yourself in the mirror every day folks, I will be able to do it will you?

Victory tastes and smells SOOOOO GOOD!
See the MSN Story here


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