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Caylee Anthony: Police Do your Job!

I heard some very distressing news today about the Caylee case.

I need to understand how in the hell do the defense attorneys tell the police that before you do tests on the remains we have conditions?

Umm, I am sorry, but a body is found, it may not even be Caylee (fat chance but it is the principle) and if they (the police) held up identifying my child I would be beyond anger.

YOU are the police DO YOUR JOB!

Good God what has this world come to with protecting/bargaining with women who are accused of killing their own child? Why should she dictate to the police when or if the police can go about identifying remains? I am aghast!

This below from another story may to a small degree explain how the defense attorneys can delay the identification but it still does not make it right. Casey claims she is innocent why must there be the defenses’ experts on hand? Plus Casey and Caylee’s grand parents claim that she is alive so it cannot be her remains . . . right?!?

“Casey Anthony’s lawyers filed an emergency motion asking that their experts be present for any forensic testing done on the remains.

NOTE: this is not a commentary on the police not doing their jobs this is encouragement in this outrageous set of circumstances that prevent the police from doing their jobs.

See the whole CNN story HERE


6 Responses to “Caylee Anthony: Police Do your Job!”

  1. The police sure have screwed up on this investigation. Six or jail officers at the department or at the jail have been suspended, or reassigned or fired so far for their admitted sexual relations with the suspect Casey after she has been in custody. There is a lot more stumbling and debacules by the prosecutors, but those first numbers put the damper of keeping Casey in custody for much longer.

  2. Michelle,

    Are you kidding me?!? Do you have a site address for these encounters so I can read more?!?

  3. Ran across them all randomly, but the links are available. The prosecution will likely lose some staff members as well as the police and sheriff departments will lose even more officers by the time this whole case is resolved. These screw-ups by the prosecution-side are the big reasons why the defense team has so many big-named experts volunteering to be a part of the defense team.

  4. Michelle,

    I will try to find them thinks, I am sure that they should be found easily. I wonder what her husband and parents think about this . . .


  5. Well, you do know about her husband, don’t you? He is part of the damage-control efforts as prescribed by the first damage-control team hired after Nancy verbally bettered a mother of a missing child and was directed to get married as a DC measure. And as far as the twins, you do know that her husband is not the father of either one of those twins, Nancy bought the eggs from donors in that DC management sceme. As far as her mother, there used to be several interviews done with her and she didn’t speak too well of Nancy because of all the violations of Law Nancy was caught perpetrating against victims of crimes before the city of Atlanta threw her out and agreed not to have her license taken away if she contractually signed to never practice Law anymore in America, which was also available through the freedom of information act. Last time I checked for that, I couldn’t locate it on the site name I had saved, but I didn’t spend anymore time researching to find that document since I already saw it. You do know she has the mental health contingency in her current contract as well, which was also referenced by her former producer of her show. You do know that since that Duckett death, the producers have changed many times and I know the previous three all commented through CNN that they all resigned after trying to manage the CNN affairs of Nancy. I could go on and on, but it is all verifiable to those willing to put some time into it. 🙂

  6. My God, no I did not know that she and her husband are not the biological parents. I knew about some shady dealings as far as her being a lawyer but did not have the specifics. It is no surprise about the mental clause. I would not have hired her. She is so rude to the “guests” that she invites on the show. It is her way or the highway she will just talk over them if they say something that is not in her agenda. Yes I knew about the Duckett issues and producers and her complete and total denial of wrong doing. What bothers me the most about this is that she did a show on Megan Meier. She should talk. She did the same thing only worse.


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