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Thanksgiving Spoiler: Drowsy Driving

OK, now that you have had a happy, get ready for crappy. It has been talked about for years and someday “they” will win. Drowsy driving.

The “law” has progressed from drunk driving and morphed from DWI to DUI driving under the influence, which at one time was reserved for illicit drugs now includes prescription and over the counter drugs. The next step is not getting 8 hours sleep. How about DUI turkey. Yes, yes the amount of tryptophan in turkey and the protein it is attached to is not enough, yes THAT WAS A JOKE, but the rest was not.

Coming to a state near you! New Jersey, Iowa, and Maine, have a specific law for fatal crashes used by drivers who fall asleep. The best part of this is that if this comes to all the states then the states had better change their laws about “loitering” and/or sleeping in rest stops. Let us see; you stop to rest and the police come along and tell you that you cannot speed here. OK then, I will drive sleepy. No you cannot do that either, dun, da, done. What is one to do? Catch 22 in the legal system, nooooooo. Never!


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