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Jane Velez-Mitchell and Gun Prohibition

EDIT UPDATE 6:20 p.m.: 26 November 2008 Mitchell is going to air an episode about this tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, believes that her impulsive reactionary thinking and a knee-jerk reaction will fix the murder problem. Jane wake up it will not. I do however like her clever posturing, that being her noncommittal statement of “If we make guns illegal there will be less gun deaths, right?” This is an overly simplistic view that does not address the fact that every country that took registered guns away from the legal owners (since illegal, and stolen guns cannot be found) gun crimes and crimes went up dramatically.

This is a short list of concerns that happened in Australia:

1. Countrywide, homicides are up 3.2 percent;
2. Assaults are up 8.6 percent;
3. Amazingly, armed robberies have climbed nearly 45 percent;
4. In the Australian state of Victoria, gun homicides have climbed 300 percent;
5. In the 25 years before the gun bans, crime in Australia had been dropping steadily;
6. There has been a reported “dramatic increase” in home burglaries and assaults on the elderly.

The people that are operating outside of the law are not going to care if guns are outlawed because the guns they have are already illegal. Simple really.

Addressing her posturing, she did not say that the numbers of murders would go down, just the number of gun murders; this too is not likely to have a major impact because again the only guns that will be collected are guns from registered legal and more responsible gun owners.

This reminds me of an “All in the Family” episode dealing with gun control and Archie and his daughter are conversing; Gloria, passionately asked him, “Daddy, did you know that 65 percent of the people murdered in the last ten years were killed by handguns?” Archie’s reply so simplistic that many anti-gun advocates over look the logic was; “Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed outta’ windas’?”

Right on the money Archie!

EDIT UPDATE 6:20 p.m.: 26 November 2008 Mitchell is going to air an episode about this tonight at 7:00 p.m.


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