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Toddler Seen Running After Car

Abuse and/or Death Incurred on Children by Mom Part II

It is just a never ending stream of insanity.

Let me see a witness says that a child was chasing after a car driving away, there is an empty car seat there and the mom who is accused of doing this is only charged with neglect? This is wanton endangering the welfare of a child. It is child abandonment, it is neglect, unlawfully dealing with a minor, desertion (of a child), and I am sure more but I cannot think right now I am so disquieted.


MARTINSBURG, WV – The mother of a toddler found alone on a Martinsburg street last week has been charged with child neglect.

Lanish Bailey of West King Street, Martinsburg, was arrested Monday afternoon.

Lanish Bailey of West King Street, Martinsburg, was arrested Monday afternoon.

Officers found the girl on South Water Street around 3:00 a.m. October 28 next to an empty child safety seat. A witness told police she seemed to be running after a car that was driving away.

Around noon that day, police found the girl’s mother in her home on West King Street. She had a four-year-old daughter with her.

The mother was taken to the hospital after she complained of an illness, police say.

Social Services continues to care for the children.

Bailey was processed at the Martinsburg Police Department and later arraigned by Magistrate Overington. Her bond was set at $50,000 and she is currently incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of said bond.


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