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Statutory Rape . . . Really?

Statutory rape. These are ugly words for an ugly crime but is they it always applicable or the older boys fault? One must consider what the law was intended to accomplish. Was it meant to prevent two people who have known each other their whole short life and became boyfriend/girlfriend and there are only 1 day to a couple of years between them? The answer is NO! This is meant to protect young teens and younger from predatory behavior.

Now for the underage girl that goes to a night club dressed and made up to the nines looking for a hook up, she is very likely to find it. Now how do we fault the boy/young man? I could not do it. She is the person who had to commit false impersonation, know somebody, or the club has to be very lax in its IDing, for her to get into the club in the first place. This is not the responsibility of the intended “date.” Gals think about it, if you found some guy you were interested in and the first thing that he did was to ask you for ID, you would dump him right then. So he asks you or the underage trollop for ID, he is not an ID expert so this method does not protect him either.

So my questions to everyone are;

What would be acceptable to relive a young man of his presumed guilt of this type of rape?
When is the young man not responsible for a young girls actions?
When it the young girl held accountable for her actions?

I believe what we are asking of these young men is equal to “planting.” That being described as a person who has drugs and so they do not get caught with them they slip them into your pocket and you are held accountable for someone else’s drugs. That my friends is not what our legal system is all about.

To drive this point home you must go to the site below, you will be amazed

These are Pictures of the Same Model posing as a 10 – 60 Year Old

You have got to be very close minded if this does not change your opinion about holding the young boy accountable for the young girls actions.


2 Responses to “Statutory Rape . . . Really?”

  1. It’s a problematic issue, I guess. To further complicate the matter, age of consent varies depending on countries. Here is a map showing the legal age of consent in different countries of the world. For the most part, age of consent is between 14-16 which I think is reasonable, as many teens that age will have sex anyway (be it with older or same-age partners).

    On the one hand, of course I agree we ought to protect those who are too young or too immature (but sadly the two things, age and maturity, aren’t necessarily related) to handle sex and its possible consequences… on the other, however, in certain cases the idea of statutory rape is a tad hypocritical, as in the case of young teens who are sexually active and experienced and easily pass as older than their actual age.

  2. rye,

    Thanks for the map and the comment; it is a well-informed eloquently stated argument. There are no easy answers to this, but common sense should prevail, not a piece of paper that cannot consider mitigating circumstances.


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