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Remember When the Color “Flesh” was Racisist?

50th Anniversary

Crayola gave in to pressure to change the crayon color “flesh” to “peach.” How about “Indian Red” to “chestnut?” “Prussian Blue” to “Midnight Blue?” By year these happened in 1962, 1999, and 1958. Can you guess which two were based on prejudice and which one was not?

Apparently no one thought the Prussians were blue. The color was changed because we dumbed down our children. Kids knew nothing of Prussia because our schools were no longer teaching about it at crayon using ages.

Flesh, ahhh the stuff that racism is made of. A scant four years after Prussian blue and a civil rights movement, and an outspoken person, Martin Luther King had Crayola worried that flesh did not represent all skin colors so it was renamed peach.

Then there is Indian Red. Our dumbed down kids apparently cannot be taught that Indian Red was not the color of the first peoples of America but rather a common pigment found in India and used in artists oil paint.

Why is this important? Because it shows how far back the pressure of PC started manipulating our lives which in and of itself is not PC. In this video with thoughts from Tiger Woods states a person of “color” when refering to President Elect Obama. I do not know how far Woods believes this “color” goes but the way it is stated it is exclusionary. We must assume that since all the presidents that came before him were not in that exclusive group that European Americans have no color to them? I know this sounds silly and petty but in my opinion no more so than a crayon color called “flesh.”

What is good for one group must be good for all groups lest prejudice is the goal.



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