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Toddler, Wooden Fence, and a 150 Foot Cliff

I am sure by now that all of you have seen this worst nightmare video for parents. If you have not here it is.

I have several problems with this video and the complaints it generated.

1) This is another case of people not taking responsibility for them selves or their toddlers
2) I have traveled to many places in this country. In a dangerous spot like that when my kids were that age, my wife and I had a death grip on our kids.
3) I would not have ever allowed them to get that close with a rail by themselves. This fence as if you could not tell was just a warning of danger and not ment to do anything else.
4) It looked like the kids were summoned by a parent to look “this way” so they could get a good video of them. Again I would never be doing anything but holding onto their hand being that close to the edge.
5) I would have done the video but moved the kids away from the edge and then shot the video with my wife in the view behind them so they could not run over to the edge
6) I Lied for #5. I would have to be between the edge and my children because my wife is afraid of heights LOL (seriously)
7) It is IMPOSSIBLE to fence off every scenic overlook in America Adults should realize the inherent danger of cliffs!
8.) Notice who put themselves in harms way? The dad. Correction, it seems the hero is the cousin.
9) He did do it wrong he should have never jumped on potentially loose earth at the edge of the cliff, it could have made both of them fall. BUT at least he did something!
10) Who in the HELL was using the video? If it was mom she should be SLAPPED for not dropping it and running over to help. She or whoever continued to film the whole thing, THIS IS YOUR KID MAN, RESPOND, REACT, DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN POTENTIALLY FILMING YOUR CHILDS DEATH!

I just do not know what else to say, other than the parents are shifting their blame. Their kids are their responsibility. I am sure that it would have been comforting to the child and all the people involved if she died, that the legal system found that there was some fault elsewhere. Yep it would be comforting to me to know that I was right and had a dead child to prove it.

Harsh but true, I hope and pray for all of you and my wife and I that we NEVER have a momentary lapse in judgment like this one.



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