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The Incredible Shrinking Sperm Donor(s)

Is it really any surprise? The number of sperm donors in England has dropped dramatically because now the recipient woman can have access to his vital statistics. There have been several court cases in which recipients have successfully sued for support from their donors. Now Britain and it infinite governmental wisdom has reversed the law regarding the anonymity of donors. I am positive that men will be lining up to step in front of that express train. See that girls? Men that actually strive to take care of themselves by taking proactive precautions to keep themselves safer. There are many women out there that need to do the same rather than just hoping and demanding that no one be evil. Reality check ladies, if you do not take care to keep yourself safer, no one else will.

Interestingly Britain is looking of donors outside of their country. They have the nerve to come to America and tout that Donors in U.S. can remain anonymous. In both Britain and America there have been successful lawsuits to exploit sperm donors for child support. Britain sperm banks want to reassure American men that they will remain anonymous. Gentlemen THEY LIE! It is no longer worth it STOP NOW or suffer the consequences of the matriarchy.

In 1991 Britain had the required number of doners to keep up with demand. Since then they have lost 39% of their donors. Ya think? I cannot imagine why!

Tough luck girls, you have finally pushed men too far and they are now taking actions to protect themselves from any shenanigans. Imagine that! I hope this is a continuing trend that seems to have finally woken some men out of their chivalrous slumber.



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