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This is what a Feminist calls an Apology?

Womanist Musings link here

Renee, the host of this site said some pretty horrible things about men. You know what she puts it in a much more eloquent way than I ever could. Keep in mind that she is a feminist, humanist, pacifist, and an anti-racist. I will let you be the judge.


“Let me start off by saying that the post MRA Infestation and Glenn Sacks Worshipers was a response to my disgust with the commentary on a post I wrote entitled, MRA Glenn Sacks Applies Pressure to Domestic Violence Shelter. I wrote the infestation post in great anger and it caused me to use language that was unacceptable.

As much as I find your hate and your positions vile, I had no right to dehumanize another human being by calling you cockroaches, and for this I apologize.

As a person who truly believes in the goodness and worth of each human being walking the planet, I failed to live up to my convictions by using such inflammatory language to prove a point. As I believe in owning my mistakes publicly, I am issuing this refutation of the “othering” that I engaged in.

I will never agree that your movement is anything other than an attempt to maintain white male, heterosexist, abelist, racist privilege, but a reduction in our common humanity was not necessary to make that point.

Thanks to Ampersand over at Alas a Blog, who really gave me cause to think on a post written regarding Mormons, I have been able to see the ways in which I made a critical error.

Once again let me state for the record that I find your positions vile but reducing your humanity was wrong.”[1]

Yeah, right, this is the best apology that I have ever seen how about you?


[1] Renee Discussion Blog “Womanist Musings” [Internet]”MRA Apology”. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. 2008 November – [cited 2008 November 9]. Available from:


32 Responses to “This is what a Feminist calls an Apology?”

  1. I, unlike Renee, admit to my own genders contribution to domestic violence, –James

    It has to be said that you’re also unlike most MRA’s if you can admit to your gender’s shortcomings.

    LorMarie – Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    LorMarie – Neither “gender” has it’s shortcomings. I’m not going to agree to a presumption that my gender is defective. Men and women are, in many ways, and as individuals, capable of the same acts, good and bad, and I’m sick of seeing the evil that (some) women do dismissed as irrelevent, minimized, or justified as ‘self-defense’ or the result of some emotional/mental problem.

    The application of the law, the reporting of crime, and the focus of the news and research, have for too long displayed men as the only problem. For too long, without reasonable skepticism, it’s been accepted that “Men are the reason everything sucks for Women”, and derivative statements.

    Well, people once thought that the earth was flat, that there were only 4 elements, and that you could cure people of disease with leeches. Who knows, maybe feminists like the lovely Renee will one day think of men as human beings worthy of the same protections under the law, and without being regarded as second-class citizens.

    I would prefer to believe that adult men and women should be treated the same under the law, that women shouldn’t be treated like feeble and incompetent wards of the state when it suits their purpose, and I would rather continue to presume innocence of people accused of a crime, especially those with little to no evidence, rather than killing them.

    Renee’s comments, along with NeoFriend’s, indicate the complete lack of even sophomoric reasoning. When logic fails, certainly, by all means, go for the gay/ dick/ social or sexual dysfunction joke. Really. Did you go to the Ron White School of Debate?

    What court is she suing you in? Has she had an attorney send you a qualified take down notice? Alas, she’ll have to provide some personal information to do so, and since she’s more of the scurry-away-when-the-lights-come-on type, I highly doubt she’s got either the capital for a retainer, nor the will to pursue a case worthy of a counter suit.

  2. OD,

    Hey now leeches and maggots are making a come back!

    And the first post here is her one and only threat to me. I find it . . . mildly amusing.


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