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July 13 & October 29

In fear of some analysts taking what I said in the wrong way as hindrance and not help I will not elaborate. I just believe that the people in the proper places should tighten security around certain high profile people for what I believe to be very significant dates in our future. I know if I was part of an organization in the protection business I would be preparing for these days.

If you all get lucky you may just figure out why these dates are significant for extra caution.

I do not mean to be cryptic but those in the know should be able to figure this out and I do not wish to instigate any of the rebels that would use this information with malicious intent. If those in the know cannot figure this out feel free to contact me, I am sure that you have all my information already. LOL Just remember I am a good-guy and a concerned citizen with half a brain.


Maybe this will help my cryptic post.

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