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Osama Bin Laden is Dead, A Brief

I know Pam personally, and I respect her inellegance and intelligance. She is one of the most brilliant people that I know. We have had our disagreements but we have also agreed to a great number of things. What are more important are our disagreements, we continually gain more respect for each other for not agreeing, whether we believe our position or not. We instigate the thought process with each other that way. We also like to explore the fringe tangents that are possible influences but not necessarily true or probable. That is the best part of a conspiracy theory; the best ones are the one that CANNOT be proven.

I have often said when questioned “Why have the Al Qaeda not attacked us again?” I state that for what ever the reason (dumb luck or a combination of terrorism and treason [controlled implosion conspiracy]) 911 worked better than they expected. The point being is that especially we New Yorkers and more so NY, New Yorkers, if another attack was pulled off and it was anywhere equal to or short of the spectacular attack on 911, the tenacious lot that AMERICANS are would respond “Sooo whaaaat we have survived worse!” Do not get me wrong, we would be upset, and mindful of the suffering, but we would be laughing in the terrorists faces at the same time, proclaiming at the top of our lungs “Is that all you got!?”

I have often mused that if a rich person wanted to they could destroy a bank or a company by investing and then yanking all at once. Pam takes this to a whole new level. Mind you, is her brief dead on? Who knows, but it hangs around in the realm of the possible.

No matter what anyone says I believe this to be a wonderful brief.

Read, enjoy, and comment!


Osama Bin Laden is Dead, A Brief ©
By Pamela Stiegman

First of all, I monitor earthquake activity.

On Oct 5 an earthquake of 7.4 was reported near Kabul, in Eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. Coordinates 34.975 lat 69.07 long at a depth of 10km. These are the very coordinates that Osama hangs out in. 10 km is only halfway up the mountain. No pre-shocks, no after-shocks, no nearby activity and a very shallow depth. USGS reported 27 dead. No reports appeared on CNN or Aljazeera—odd when you consider people died.

Later I read a story that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had met Sept. 27 with Taliban leaders to negotiate; Mullah Omar announced his formal break with Al-Queda via these delegates and pressed to have the Taliban returned to leadership in Afghanistan. King Abdullah has been asking for a long time to have Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia. Abdullah is under pressure because the price of oil is falling and it hurts Saudi financially. Bin Laden, on the other hand, announced as far back as 2004 that he would bankrupt the US. Everyone thought at the time he was referring to the war in Iraq. Is it possible that Bin Laden was putting money into the stock market filtered through ‘investors’ with the plan of collapsing the market? Al-Queda has always targeted financial sectors. Note the strike on the World Trade Center; Kantor Fitzgerald and Morgan Stanley were on the floors that were hit. A flight plan like that works only once.

If you put 700 billion dollars into military hardware, you might have a small chance to hurt the US. But it would take decades to put it all together. If you put it into the stock market and pulled it all out at once you would do more damage. If you took a few million more, started new banks, built them on bad debt and let them fail you would do more damage. All in a much shorter time frame than building an arsenal. We live in a global economy now; when the US falls down, imports drop. The price of oil is plummeting and the Saudis are alarmed. Could they have told Omar—give us Bin Laden and we’ll give you Afghanistan. (A promise they may not be able to keep, but a typical move by Arab traders).

The theory I have is that the Taliban disclosed the location of Bin Laden and the Saudis gave that information to NATO; the plummeting price of oil was at stake. NATO of course, won’t take out a target like Bin Laden unless everyone votes yes. Now that all of the G7 countries are falling down with the US, the last veto (most likely France) finally said yes and NATO called down the thunder. Of course they can’t take bragging rights, because Bin Laden’s followers would go on a bombing and assassination spree. And Bush would be the first to go.

So there is, instead, a simple quiet that descends upon them. No word from the headquarters in the mountains of Afghanistan. No more videos on Al-Jazeera from Osama delighting in the misfortunes of the Great Satan and its allies.

Hope for peace. Time will tell.

Oh, I could be wrong, but it makes for a good bedtime story. ©

Printed with permission by the author

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