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Another Aussie Female Discount

I just do not know anymore. It never ceases to amaze me how women can escape relatively unscathed when they attempt to do such harm. This woman was putting glass in her husbands food because she wanted to kill him because of a property dispute (info found in the article here) and she gets . . . go ahead and say it . . . a suspended sentence.

Just WOW!


9 Responses to “Another Aussie Female Discount”

  1. Hi Bernie, I’ve been meaning to drop by and say hello. This blog is coming along well.

    On a humorous note, Glenn has deleted a couple of my comments against Jeana recently. In one comment I suggested that Jeana has a habit of going after more reasonable people and applying extra emotional confrontation. I actually said that she “goes after people more susceptible to her emotional abuse”.

    This was in response to a comment by Perspicacious on the thread “What Would an Advice Columnist Say if the Roles Were Reversed”, where Persp said that the more she tries to reason with Jeana the more Jeana ups the rhetoric.

    I find it amusing the way Glenn comes to her rescue like she is some damsel in distress, when she has got the hide of a rhinocerous.

    I’m thinking of doing a blog piece of my own where I will make a list of Jeana’s most stupid comments.

  2. Nick,

    Thanks for stopping by. It does seem not only is it contrary to Glenn’s anti-chivalry mantra for the sake of “Save the Males”, but it is difficult to believe that he does not understand what she is up to . . . He has seemed off his game lately. Many of the articles here I sent to him and he has not posted them so I did. I realize he cannot use everything everyone sends in but nothing? Oh well it just gives me more for my blog.

    By no means do I feel slighted, he is busy.

    Nick, stop by anytime. thanks for the it and comment!


  3. Hi Bernie,

    I’m not sure whether or not it is Glenn being chivalrous, or whether he is just doing it for strategic reasons. The thing is that he wants to increase the diversity on his blog, so as to extend his influence and get more blog traffic etc.

    One way of doing this is to adopt a more lenient approach to feminist-leaning women, to encourage more of them. An affirmative action policy if you like.

    The good thing is that Jason appears to have sent Glenn details of where Jeana is flouting Glenn’s blog rules. So hopefully, Glenn will have to end the preferential treatment.

    Glenn posted a response to Jason earlier where he asked Jason why he hadn’t emailed Glenn details of where Jeana is flouting the rules if she is doing so. Glenn also said he doesn’t have time to read all the blog comments. This struck me as being a weak defense. Of course he doesn’t read all the comments. But he clearly sees enough to get an idea of whether people are objectionable. He manages to detect and delete my offending comments, after all.

    I posted a comment on the thread where I basically said that Glenn is adopting a more lenient approach to feminist posters simply to encourage them. It will be interesting to see if the comment stands, or if Glenn responds. Perspicacious also posted claiming that Glenn was being too chivalrous to Jeana. So it looks like we are making progress!

  4. Bernie, I send Glenn links to significant things occasionally as well. I think he has said before that he gets far more material than he can reasonably post, so it’s not surprising he doesn’t use it all.

    Only a small proportion of what I send him usually ends up being posted.

    Funny thing is, Glenn used to send me a fair bit of positive feedback about various comments of mine. He doesn’t do that much now. Instead, I only get notices of deletions. Maybe when the history of men’s rights is written, there will be a chapter on our falling out!

  5. Nick,

    I too have posted where Michael Claymore was noting but a pain in my butt, constantly using inflammatory words to get my goat. I would not let him do that I just called him out through a post and kept saying Glenn is this not against the rules? I do not see him posting anymore.

    The other thing that I find slightly annoying is that he seems to give other readers credit for sending him articles but not me. I guess annoying is the wrong word, puzzled and or amused is more like it because I really do not have the ego where I have to be mentioned, but it is odd that he does this for some.

    Also he does the same for me he used to send me kudos and now just deletions. I have a blog in here where you can post your deletions, I could not find anything wrong with my posts considering, I to not swear and I rarely attack unless attacked first and even then I am usually polite.

    I have noticed that since the beginning that he will tell males that using all or every is wrong but not the females. I also would like to see him address that when we are accused of any of the terrible things that we allegedly say that he would back us up on the fact that we do not hold a candle next to feminist sites. They are nasty, abusive, name-calling, swearing, lying, and censor mongers. I am sure that I missed a few descriptors here but I know you understand.

    Again feel free to post you deleted comments HERE, or HERE, or HERE

    I will more than likely combined all of these at one point if this site allows it without deleting your comments.


  6. Bernie,

    Michael Claymore is still posting on GS. He has changed his username to Nelson. He makes some good points, but he tends to be too confrontational and likes to bait people.

    Glenn also seems to always give others credit for sending him material, but not me. Although I guess there may be multiple people who send him one thing.

    Thanks for the notification service for new comments too, BTW. It’s most helpful. And I will post my deleted comments here too.

    I need to get to work now. I’ll drop back in soon. Cheers Bernie.

  7. Nick,

    I did not know that! How did you figure out that he changed his name?

    Also, I have sent him articles before, one that he posted he stated thanks to several readers that sent this to me.

    So, my logical conclusion is that he does credit the people who sent him things even if it is multiple people.

    Ironically my intent of this blog was for people to post where they have been banned or deleted by other blogs especially feminist sites since they cannot deal with facts or logical arguments and it spread from there. So now it is for my entertainment and for posts that are kept secret from us on GS.

    OK, also for a little narcissism so that when I shuffle of this mortal coil I will live on at least a little while afterward. LOL


  8. Hi Bernie,

    Re: Michael Claymore changing his username to Nelson, he disclosed this in a couple of posts.

    There are times when I have sent Glenn material and he has only acknowledged someone else as sending it, not several readers. But I figure that sometimes he might be trying to raise the profile or encourage people who don’t contribute that much.

    One thing that kind of bugs me is that where you have more than one person with a similar username, Glenn often doesn’t sufficiently distinguish between them. There was one thread not that long ago where a guy called “Jason” had written something to Glenn about how men should stop whining and start working more or something. It turns out that it was a different Jason to the one who usually posts on GS. Yet for a while I thought it was him. This should really have been made clear.

    I didn’t realise that you started this blog to publish comments that have been banned by other blogs. It’s interesting to see which comments get deleted. Sometimes when I’ve got a comment awaiting moderation on GS, I will cut and post into on my blog. Then if Glenn lets it through, I’ll delete it.

    It’s funny the number of times comments get sent to moderation and I can’t for the life of me work out what would trigger it.

    “OK, also for a little narcissism so that when I shuffle of this mortal coil I will live on at least a little while afterward. LOL”

    I’ve never really thought about that, but I guess that’s true. Having a blog is a good way of leaving a mark that others can look back on.

  9. Nick S,

    Yeah, I had one of mine that I sent 4-7 days before it was posted and he gave credit to someone who had a title like dr. or PhD.

    I have been to moderation numerous times and for the life of me could not figure out why. Glenn has even sent back to me that he cannot figure out why sometimes. The only problem with that is if it is an active thread any you have a good point by the time it gets posted people have already read past your comment and do not come back and the comment gets posted in the original order. If the moderated comments would get posted when they are cleared that at least they would be read. This is not perfect either because if you made the point first and someone else makes the same point later then someone might say that has already been said.

    Oh well, blogs are not perfect.

    Yeah, the narcissism was an after thought to ad levity but it is true, or at least until some wacko fires off an EMP, LOL


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