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Alcohol Consumption and Intelligence at age 10

You know I guess that I have always known, but it is nice to have at least some evidence of this relationship. The funny thing is that they have not determined the “why” of the relationship. Truly it is not difficult to divine. Many whose world is made of comprehension, understanding, knowledge, and continued education (formal or self) should realize that often knowledge causes distress. Stress is a factor in drinking, simple really.



One Response to “Alcohol Consumption and Intelligence at age 10”

  1. Dear Dickhead,

    I hope you’re not insinuating that you, nor any of your offspring (god forbid), carry any potential, or demonstrated level of intelligence. With a statement like that which I just read, I empathize with you, if you have actually arrived at the conclusion that you obtain any recognizable level of intelligence; even more-so if you feel that a mindless statement like that of the above “blurb” is worthy of anything other than ridicule. In the future, please refrain from trying to engage in topics that clearly exceed your verbal, and your intellectual capacity. You’re an embarrassment to intelligent individuals everywhere.

    Best regards,

    -Angered internet user.

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