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Global Warming Alaska Style!


YEP! It is all WHITE at least this past year anyway.

That is right folks Alaska and its glaciers have 20 feet more snow on them this year. What this means is that for the first time since circa 1700 there has been additional snow left to make a small dent in the receding glaciers. Yes that is right 20 feet of snow to eventually become compressed and add not subtract to the Alaska Glaciers. Now granted it would take a couple to a few hundred feet of snow to notice a difference but hey one fifth of a hundred feet is nothing to sneeze at. If this trend keeps up it would take a decade for 200 feet and 15 years for 300 feet of rebuilding the Alaskan Glaciers.

Who knows with the past year being one of the 3 coldest years on record the Land of the Midnight Sun could be on a rebound just to spite all the “Doomsday” Climatologists.


6 Responses to “Global Warming Alaska Style!”

  1. Hi! I was stationed in Alaska in 1958 and ’59, at Ft. Yukon radar site! It was -60 in the winter there, and 70 in summer We got little snow then, and wolves howled walking to town then! It was the most beautiful place! TTYL!

  2. Dave,

    I was there in August 1992 to place a “Happy 50th” sign at Watson Lake Yukon (the Sign Post Forest) for the Alcan Highway.

    i was delayed in Seatle, Washington for about 6 hours because one of the volcanos in Alaska blew up and the dust in the air would have damaged and or stalled the jet engines.

    I is quite a misnomber that Alaska receives a lot of snow, they have always received less than Buffalo. In fact to the best of my knowledge the area between Syracuse and Watertown is the snowyest place on earth. Over 500 inches of snow a year.


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