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Woman Adopts 3 Has 2 in Freezer collects $2,400 a Month

See News Channel 8 LUSBY, Md Video

Perhaps the most disturbing part of all of this is that Child Protective services was called by a neighbor in February 2008. More than seven months later the remains of two adopted children were found in the freezer and were presumed to be in there while she moved from Rockville to Lusby. These are the same people that take issue with yelling at your children and they could not detect a problem here? Give me a break. There are no records that any of the children attended school in Rockville County. Additionally, the only charges placed on her for now is regarding the surviving child. Two counts of child abuse, one in the first degree resulting in severe injury to the child also an assault charge. The seven year old child was locked in a second story room and she survived by jumping out the window and begging for help.


PS Would you have given a child to this woman, let alone 3?


One Response to “Woman Adopts 3 Has 2 in Freezer collects $2,400 a Month”

  1. That story is soo disturbing. Poor children.

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