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First Time in History

See the National Geographic Article Here


For the first time in history [October 6, 2008] man has predicted an Asteroid that would and did hit the earth. This is both to me settling and unsettling. It is a giant leap forward that we could do this with a very small object 3-15 feet in size, but it was discovered only a few hours before striking. Way, way too late to do anything if it was a real threat. Is this an ominous warning of things yet to come only time will tell . . .



One Response to “First Time in History”

  1. We would need at least a 25-50 year lead time to be able to effectively meet this kind of a threat. Throwing atomic bombs at a 10 mile wide rock coming in at 30,000 mph would little more than maybe break it into a few 5 mile wide chunks, hitting in more than one spot. In any case – we’d be in serious trouble as a species!

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