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My Posts that Glenn Sacks Deemed Inappropriate

These are my posts that Glenn deemed inappropriate:

Number 1


I am a bit confused as to why you would post anything by Lisa Kansas when she has hijacked your blog thread here:

“Live From Glenn Sacks Blog at Says:

October 8th, 2008 at 2:40 pm
[…] “Feminist Dissident” post is up. Feel free to amble over and check it […]”

and the name of her blog site is beyond your standard of decorum. Moreover when you go to her blog site the GIF that she uses as her symbol of strength is a hand giving the bird.

I feel that you are inviting and possibly encouraging posters here to not abide by the rules of debate that you have laid out.


Number 2

In the spirit of my last post and with the sense of fair play in mind . . .

[…] “Feminist Dissident” post is up. Feel free to amble over and check it […]


Both of these provided links to my Feminist Dissident site. My site also provided a link to Glenn’s site.

Number 3

Duh! on me I did not change the name part, now I know I am tired tonight! LOL


I poked fun at myself here because the name part of my post on Glenn’s site repeated and I forgot that I have to change the name because the comment section saves your information.

I figure it this way what is good for the goose is good foe the gander and Glenn left her post linking to her site up so I should be able to do the same. Where am I wrong?

I guess the worst of it is that Glenn has no problem with a post name that says punkass but somehow my post name of “Live From Glenn Sacks Blog at” is somehow inappropriate.


This was my reply to him that still remains unanswered.


OK, I do not have too much of a problem with that but I have tried to post today and they all have been deleted that is why I thought I was banned.

I am however curious as to why you let Lisa Kansas provid a link to her feminist dissident site that has a hand giving the bird and you did not allow mine which is not offensive at all. I am genuinely puzzled. I am not quite sure why the truth is inappropriate.


Mind you I do not mind our disagreements but I do feel that when they involve deleting comments that are truthful, the deletions demand an explanation.


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