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Global Warming

There is a quote that I heard regarding global warming that I would like to share.
“Politicians who take credit for the rain WILL be blamed for the drought.”

I say not a snowballs chance in . . . .

They will backpedal and say “See we told you all that it was a little too little too late. You had our hands tied so it is not our fault.”

You see what people here do not realize is that there is no simple answer. It most assuredly has little to do with us. In fact, we are most likely delaying the inevitable. You see it takes reading thousands of pages to get to the truth. There are many of them. One you can bet on for sure is that the politicians will [win or loose with this global warming farce, they WILL find a way to make money from it].

1) Ten thousand years ago the last ice age was coming to its conclusion. The earth warmed and the ice went away and still is. What pollution did man have to cause this catastrophe? The answer is NONE. Wake up call number 1

2) Our “green house gasses” are mostly particulate. So much so that the suns brightness has diminished in the last 30 to 40 years by 25%. Wake up call number 2. How much warmer would the earth be today if this particulate carbon matter was not in the skies to reflect the sun back into space? No question it would be warmer than it is now.

3) Most of what out esteemed candidates want to do is to eliminate our green house gasses [these would be almost 100% of the particulate greenhouse gas matter]. This can do nothing but to accelerate the already increasing global temperature. Wake up call number 3.

4) The earth has gone through many of these cycles over its 4.5 billion-year life. These cycles had NOTHING to do with the presents of man. Wake up cal number 4.

5) As stated in number four this is natural for the earth. Wake up call number 5.

6) All this has nothing to do with “Saving Mother Earth.” It has everything to do with saving man as the dominant species on the planet. Wake up call number 6.

7) Species have come and species have gone all at the whim of Mother Nature. We were not here in the beginning and we will not be here in the end. Fatalist, if you say so, but I prefer “realist.” Wake up call number 7.

8 ) I cannot give you a proper synopsis of the thousands of hours of reading and research in a few sentences and the above are only a few of the many highlights that conclude that man is not remotely the biggest cause of global warming. Wake up call number 8.

9) I believe that most intelligent people do not buy into any of the political debates because we all know that they will say anything to get elected and then deliver little or nothing after winning. How many times must we endure this before it sinks in? So, I ask you why would anyone buy into this one aspect of the political debates? It is just another buzz subject to get votes. Wake up call number 9.

10) I can go on all day long but if you do not get the point by now you never will. Wake up call number 10.



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