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Nature Quarks. Huge Increase in the Male Mosquito Population


Now I am not sure if there has been an explosion of male mosquitoes of if in reality they are the Crane fly pictured above. Regardless I have never encountered so many in my life. They are big and annoying.[Edited 10/12/2008]

It could be just me but I have noticed a huge increase in the male mosquito population. I might see anywhere from a couple to a handful of these in a season on average. This year there have been so many that every day we chase at least 5-10 out of the house a day. I do not know what is causing this. I have also tried to research this on line and I get zero hits. Hey if anyone knows why I sure would like to hear from you. My location is Western New York.

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5 Responses to “Nature Quarks. Huge Increase in the Male Mosquito Population”

  1. I have too, they are all over the place (St. Louis) and I can’t get rid of them, they are so disruptive and annoying. They don’t bite but are ugly and scary looking…. i’d rather get bit and have them be small!

  2. Matt, I could not agree more. I wish I knew what as causing this nature anomaly.


  3. I’m a homeowner in Alexandria, KY. I was also searching the web for these things and can’t find much. Walk through my yard and up they come by the thousands. Open the front door and several are bound to fly in.

  4. Mindy,

    Perhaps THIS SITE might help you.


  5. I have noticed that the ones I have been seeing are crane flys


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