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Our Humanity as Viewed Through the Treatment of Our Pets

Yes, I realize that there are more important issues in the world but this is certainly not such a bad litmus test to gauge our humanity. Granted many people treat their pets in many different ways but it is the increasing number of people that treat pets as property an item if you will, that concerns me.

It seems to me that there are an ever increasing number of people who treat pets as a household appliance. The myriad of reasons that people find to get rid of or put down a member of their family horrifies me. I am not talking about the dog who was hit by a car that escaped from the owner because of its own zeal and bursts through the door while the owner opened it to go outside, the resulting injuries that are not only extremely cost prohibitive to fix but there would be a dramatic quality of life issue. I am talking about the people who are moving into an apartment and ask for directions to the SPCA to drop off their cat because pets are not allowed in their new apartment [mind you I do not even like house cats I like the big cats but these pets do not deserve the treatment they receive sometimes.] There are also the people that bring a dog home and call the Animal Control Officer [ACO] and expect him to take their dog away because it has worms causing a defecation problem. Then the owner upon finding out that the ACO only handles license issues and sick, injured, or nuisance wildlife calls states “Then I am just going to let it loose!” The excuses are wide and varied. They also range from it is too hyper, I cannot house break it, it sheds too much, I am or my child is allergic, it barks too much, it broke its leg, etc. We all know the long list of gripes. This does not however relieve anyone from their responsibility of either finding a new home for the pet or pay for its medical treatment(s).

It is reprehensible to me to drop the pet off at the SPCA where in a given amount of time if not adopted they will euthanize the animal. YOU got the pet it is YOUR job to find a new home for it or rent an apartment that allows pets.

I can understand allergies and major medical problems but most everything else is not excusable.

I realize that the vast majority of pet owners are responsible but it is as I said earlier it is the increase in the numbers of irresponsible owners that concerns me.

In my family is a neurotic Dalmatian. He has cost us four digits in health care, and no we do not have that kind of money in reserve. He is a good dog [when he wants to be] but is problematic when his neuroses, or separation anxiety kicks in. He occasionally has a destructive streak but I could loosely say the same about my kids and I would not drop them off at the SPCA.

Finally, I do not know the reason people do this or why they do not receive the same joy of pet ownership that I do, or why their pets are not in integral part of their family structure, but what I can say is that they are sorely missing out.



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