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Becky Hammon RED White and Blew it Part II

In this article Becky still denies and confounds me as to why she cannot understand why people take issue with her playing for the Russians in the Olympics.

Mind you the article states “BEIJING – Becky Hammon wears red and white without the blue and can’t quite fathom what all the fuss is about.

She’s an American playing basketball for Russia in the Beijing Olympics – performing quite well, in fact – because it was the only way she could fulfill her dream of competing in the Summer Games.

“I just wanted to be here and compete and see what it’s like,” said Hammon, a former Rapid City Stevens standout who plays for the WNBA’s San Antonio Silver Stars.”

It goes on to state “In Olympic basketball speak, the Americans are a “they” where Hammon is concerned, even if the South Dakota native is still one of them in every other way.”

No reasonable person could possibly see a problem.

Before the lambasting do not forget that as the author I have roots in Russia. Who better to hear this from than an American but proud of my roots (I am only second generation American). What Becky has done should just not be done. There are many others and even American has “hired” an athlete.

The big question is what happened to the amateur status of the Olympics!?



2 Responses to “Becky Hammon RED White and Blew it Part II”

  1. Oh please. Move on already. The days of amateur athletes only in the Olympics went out the window with the first American Dream Team.
    Last I read the American Olympics had over 39 players not born here or ‘newly minted’ as an American.
    If she was playing for Australia or New Zealand, it would be ‘Good on ya’ mate’ but because it’s Russia its all ooooo.
    Let’s not forget Deana Nolan was fast tracked to play for Russia also. She was the back up in case Becky got injured.

    An American with roots in Russia also.

  2. Sorry, I disagree. For me it has nothing to do with being the Russian team, it has much more to do with patriotism.

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