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Becky Hammon RED, WHITE, and BLEW it!

Becky Hammon, states that she is a patriot yet she is going to represent RUSSIA in the Olympics. Yes the cold war is over, we are not at war with Russia, I myself hate when people have a problem with my Slavic background especially its Russian ties. It was bad for me growing up in the USA during the cold war, something that she will NEVER understand, to be accused of being Soviet when only by heritage you are Russian. Do not get me wrong I am VERY proud of my roots and have fun with them when it is convenient to get a jab or two in at a friend during an argument when the Russians have done something first and I can claim it as a personal victory. That is good clean fun stuff, but to actually seek out Russian citizenship for money and then play against your home country/team is reprehensible. Hammon chose to do this to herself and her counrty, I did not have that option. Just for information last I checked perhaps the Russians will accept the duel citizenship but in America last I knew even if born of American parents while abroad you have to declare your citizenship by age eighteen. I will try to verify this as still being current.

What happened to me during the cold war [the name calling, the question of my patriotism, etc.] was only in a small way my fault. Yes I could deny that I was Slavic at all, but then I would not be being fair to myself. Denying yourself is one of the most heinous things you can do. Hammon who states that she is strong and can take it has some very outspoken things to say to those who do not agree with her decision and\or feel that she is a traitor. This seems to me to smack of not being as thick skinned as one claims. Hammon has to realize that once you make a decision like this there will be fallout. Yes, Hammon and I have a different definition of what a patriot is and I believe that my definition is much more right and I am sure that the vast majority of people would agree with me. She may not be a traitor but she is a sell out. Sometimes you have to consider that the money is just not worth it.

I wonder how she will feel when either team wins or looses. She cannot loose, but then again more importantly she by own hand cannot win.


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