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Fathers and Sons Help Flood Victims on Fathers Day

Well back from a short vacation in Lake George, NY and it is time to start writing again. I have in the past few days come across several articles that proclaimed that fathers or fathers and sons volunteered to help flood victims on fathers day. Perhaps I missed them but I have never heard of an article about mothers and daughters giving up mothers day to help others in a disaster. The male version of chivalry strikes again. In this case I think it is a good thing and if I were closer [geographically speaking] to the victims I would have done the same. After all I do not have money or time but I can afford to give up some of my time to help others. The one difference is that I would have had my daughters join in also.

Not to blow my own horn but years ago there were massive forest fires out west. Six or seven states were burning. In fact over the teletype while working a midnight trick we received a message that we might become inundated with calls regarding smoke in the neighborhood. The calls could not go unheeded but the smoke from the fires two thousand miles away caught an express ride on the jet stream and was dumping, yep you guessed it, right in our neck of the woods. There was a telephone number broadcast on our television for qualified people to call. They were looking for firefighters, EMTs, doctors, and the like to volunteer to help. I made the call being a firefighter EMT. They put me on the list and asked if I could be on stany-by for activation at any time. I said yes, they never called back, until the big one. The earthquake that everyone still remembers. the one that leveled Californial both literally and figuratively. My wife took the call and had second thoughts about telling me. She thought better of this knowing how upset I would be. It was a moot point anyway as they called back to talk to me personally. They called me up to put me on stand-by again. Stand-by in these cases are to alert the next wave of help and the next wave in an attempt to stay ahead of the need for emergency workers before the others currently working burn out. My wife was very concerned for my well being, what she probably still does not understand is that my well being depends on my ability to help others in need in a direct way and not passively through things like fundraisers. Do not get me wrong I do these things too, to fill the gap between the times that I directly help others. I just have a need to be more directly involved. Trust me I understand that this is not for everyone but because I have the ability and the strength to be able to do this I feel it is my responsibility to do so. It would be a sin to waste my talent and not help thus shorting the already overstretched emergency response personnel. Maybe it is just me but somehow my parents in particular my dad taught me a very humbling lesson and that is that I am not the only person living in this world and we all have a responsibility to each other in our own capacities.

That being said I would love to hear about women who gave up their day to the benefit of others, ALL others not just other women in need. These fine men an boys gave up their day to help not just other men but other communities that included men, women, and children.


Global story here
The Dallas Morning News Story Here

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