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CLINTONS Safe Rally Statements

CLINTONS Safe Rally Statements

“REMOVE the federal taxes on gas this summer!” she proclaims loudly and with feigned empathy, as the buffoons salivating like Pavlov’s dogs wag their tails convulsively and drool all over the floor. Clinton is actually wagging the dog.


REALITY CHECK: at 18 gallons a week [that is enough to take a gas guzzling SUV at 25 mpg hwy 450 miles every week], the REAL summer being from about June 21 to September 1 labor day. That is only 10 Weeks ladies and gentlemen. 10 weeks of guzzling gas, 4,500 miles worth which is equal to 23,400 miles a year more that what people travel to be fair.


Here is the real catch. Pay attention because before long you will not be able to afford attention either. SHE cannot do anything with the gas prices, but if it works out SHE will most assuredly take ALL the CREDIT. SHE cannot do anything with the gas prices so if the tax is dropped for the summer and it wreaks havoc on the economy, well SHE had nothing to do with it and will take no responsibility for any of the problems that it caused. She is using a ploy and promise that SHE has nothing to do with and SHE can not loose either way, perhaps smart but very underhanded and it is so difficult for me to believe that so many people are falling for it, again wake up America!


One Response to “CLINTONS Safe Rally Statements”

  1. If Hillary takes Indiana with a commanding lead and just barely loses North Carolina, the superdelegates need to start defecting from Camp Obama and join Camp Clinton.

    The Clintonista Post’s prediction for tonight: Obama Campaign = the Red Star Line

    See what the winning side looks like at

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