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Student Suspended for Three Days for Making “Public” Information “Public.”

Student suspended for outing a convicted sex offender on high school campus.

Raydon Gilmore was suspended for 3 days for making “public” information “public.” The school Gig Harbor High School stated that he was harassing the other student when he in fact had no contact with the other student. The information came from the Washington State Sexual Offender web site. The school knew and did not make this information public. I can speak for New York that it is mandatory that schools send home information on sexual offenders that live in the area, let alone offenders that are going to school with your children. The school statement was that “the fliers amounted to harassment and he was interfering with other students’ education . . . . . . the student should have brought his concerns to a teacher or to an administrator . . . . . . The student misused school property and violated a rule that state officials must approve any materials that students post on campus walls.”

My take on this is that since the school administration knew that he knew his concerns would have fallen on deaf ears since they already have ignored the problem. The misuse of school equipment was that he used the school computer to look up public information, which as we all know is perfectly within the rules of school computer usage.

He would do it again.

Way to go Raydon!

See the video here

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