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Where’s George and hankinstein

Any of you folks out there GW members?  I had a run in with hankinstein and he cut me off after a woman or two on his site berated me with profanity and lies.  All I did was to defend my position and he said that I was the problem and when I reasonably tried to explain my position I was the one banned. I even referred him the the offending posts and he ignored them.  It seems that he has a misguided sense of chivalry.  Women can be as obnoxious as the wish and heaven forbid if you defend yourself after all you are a man and should just back off and take it, seems like he believes in equal rights . . .not.



2 Responses to “Where’s George and hankinstein”

  1. um, I don’t really get the rest of your post, but yeah, I’m a where’s george member, with a current George score of 676.04 & in the 86.6 percentile 🙂 how much are you into where’s george?

  2. I was very into it made it into the top ten in NY and 30 or so over all until hank decided that he did not like me defending my posts on the blogs. Typically some woman would make a rude comment to me and I would defend myself never using vulgarity but I was wrong so hank banned me from the boards and then I lost interest. There were many people that I talked to many from my neighborhood and I was cut off not being able to contact them because of the anonymous email messages.

    It is my opinion that he did not treat me fairly nor did he listen to the logic of my argument[s] of how I never started in on any one but was not afraid to finish something someone else started. To me the reasonable assessment would have been the person who started with derogatory comments and used vulgarity not the person that stood up for themselves while still avoiding the derogatory and vulgar words.

    The worst of all this being is the number of times that I have defended much of hanks stances. I have moved onto bigger and better things, as I am too old for the adolescent behaviors that I was running into.

    To hanks defence even though I do not agree with him I usually ask him to allow me to say hey to everyone during the Christmas season and he allows this for a short period of time for this he has earned back some of my respect, but a permanent ban is just plain silly. Adding insult to injury my youngest girl was getting into it and she could not log on to the board from any computer that I have used. This goes for coworkers that I got involved in WG also. This was explained to him and still has cut these computers off.

    He is just not punishing me but others not involved also.


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