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Glenn Sacks and “nazi” my email to him


I am disappointed and concerned with your post below

Glenn Sacks Says:
April 20th, 2008 at 12:42 pm Demonspawn writes “What we’re disappointed with, Glenn, is your lack of rebuttal on the Nazi post.”Both here and in the comments section of the post at, Demonspawn and Jay R. are upset that I refuse to engage in a debate over whether the term “Nazi” is appropriate to use in referring to modern feminists. I have refused because it’s a stupid argument which is a waste of my time, and my time is limited and valuable. If you want me to spend my time on it, you’ll pay me for my time.My time costs $95 for 30 minutes. My Pay Pal page is at . If you’d like to debate me over Nazis and feminists, you can pay me at Pay Pal, and then we will have the argument here on the blog, in the comments section, at a set time that is convenient for the three of us. After a half hour, if you want to continue, you can pay me again and we’ll continue.

If you really believe in this Nazi analogy, you can put your money where your mouth is. But to demand that I waste my time with a junior high school argument, sorry—that would be a rather poor business decision on my part.I’m also closing comments on this at this time. You’ve had 250 comments to make your point, which is certainly sufficient and, given the low quality of the argument, extremely generous on my part. If anybody has anything noteworthy to say on this subject, you can write me at and I will consider posting it or reopening discussion. From this point forward, use of the words “Nazi,” “Feminazi,” and “Hitler” will cause your post to be sent to moderation.

= = = = = =

You know that I am also against these words and do not use them EXCEPT in context. As a friend of your/our cause [even if we do not always see eye to eye, BTW in my book that is OK] the post sounds more like “might is right” and “because I have more money I win.”  Simply to dismiss some one because their time is worth $10, 15, or 20 an hour [pay] is not a valid excuse.  I fall into one of those categories and in reality my time is worth more than yours because of that fact.  People like me have to work harder and longer to debate people like you at $190 an hour.  This is not fair.  Yes, life is not fair but that is what we are fighting to a degree in your blogs.  Someone like OJ gets off because he had the money to spend.  If it were me before I got to court the key would have already been thrown away!  This includes if I were innocent and the circumstantial evidence pointed at me.  I would have lost everything I own in about 1/2 hour if not less time and I would have been abandoned by the system.  Adding insult to injury you have cut off the blog for anyone to make this observation public. 

I value my time with my family and the things that I like to do also but I HAVE to give much of that up because I HAVE to do all of my home, car, and other maintenance work myself. I cannot afford to pay anyone else to do it.  You have that luxury.  “Putting your money where your mouth is” is not practical for most people and it is not fair that you ask them to do such.  People like me can only afford to give of their time, and that is our most valuable commodity which should not be dismissed like the weekly garbage.  Sure people like Bill Gates gives millions to charity and causes but they receive much in the way of public kudos for it and it benefits them with monitory returns because of the public display of their great deeds.  Comparing Mr. Gates to me and my contributions for example comparatively; if I give a penny to a cause or charity is more than Mr. Gates has given.  I a surprised with your superior intellect that you did not consider that before you posted. 

Remember it is not the amount, but how much you give, I am sure that you know the difference.

Still your friend,
Stay with the true fight,
Stay the course,
Keep the good work up,


9 Responses to “Glenn Sacks and “nazi” my email to him”

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. Hi, Bernie,

    I’ll be checking your blog!

  3. Hey Bernie,
    Did GS respond?

  4. Glenn did respond, just got the chance to check and perhaps the wording in his post was not the best [none of us have ever been there, LOL]

    He has never made $190 an hour in his life but stated that if people wish to debate the nazi issue that is what it is worth to him.

    I suggested that he might want to clarify that in his post because if I misunderstood, others might have also.


  5. Hey, Bernie,

    Just wanted to let you know you won’t see me on Glenn S.’s site anymore. He banned me after I wrote a negative post about Hugo Schwyzer, and then I suggested that it was petty and undignified for Glenn to pull out the “I won’t waste my time debating with you unless you pay me” line.

    Oh, well. It’s his blog!

  6. JR

    OMG, I cannot believe it! You and any positive support or dissidence is welcome here. I’ll bet that I have come close a few times because I have directly commented about things that he has said, but I feel it necessary not only for a balanced argument but also, I felt a some moral and ethical duties to act. I am sorry to hear about you being banned. Hang out once in a while even if just to say hey. If you see just converastional blogs delegated here it will not be because I am mad just that I saw your message and am letting you know it. I may even respond [because I just cannot shut up, LOL] and then delete both later to clean out posts not associated with the blog.

    Again come back any time.


  7. Jay R,

    Interesting since I hopped on one thread about gay marriage and stated that my dissidence was coming out and I thought I would read others comments before commenting, EVERY post disappears, then 20 or so minutes later it will pop up stating the dreaded “awaiting moderation.” I am sure I am probably not far behind you . . . especially since my post about this comment “civilians and Jews” where I called him out asking him to explainewhy he made a distinction between the two and whether or not he held Jews to a higher regard than others because he was a Jew . . . [no I am not prejudice just observant and I am sure that if someone else stated “civilians and (fill in the blank) that he would have caught it and made a comment . . . a shame when someone wants to voice an opinion publicly but they cannot handle the voices that state return opinion to sender.


  8. Thanks.

  9. Just for information it seems that Glenn was actually upset over a post that I directed at him and said DUH, I was feeling a little saucy that day and he did not deserve that and I apologized and since have not been awaiting moderation.


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