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Venting About Real and or Perceived Censoring by Glenn’s Site

I believe that Glenn’s intent is to preserve the integrity of his [and our] site.  We do have an obligation to keep our posts academic and I would myself prefer not to see us stoop to the level of that to which we have seen so many feminist sites degrade into, this would be a shame.  We must hold ourselves to a higher standard to prove that we are on the righteous path rather than the low road to the hell that some feminist organizations have fallen into lest we be judged exactly like them and justifiably so like them.

2 Responses to “Venting About Real and or Perceived Censoring by Glenn’s Site”

  1. I just don’t understand why Glenn took out the word ‘bitch’ when I was clearly just referring to my female labrador retriever puppy. Isn’t that what everybody knows a female dog is properly called? Doesn’t anybody have a dog? I have never called a woman ‘the B word’ as an insult precisely because I love female dogs and that’s what they are and their great. I love them. Maybe it’s kneejerk fear of the feminist backlash where ‘everythings about them’. It isn’t.

  2. I use bitch myself when referring to a female dog, I have owned dogs for 35 years now and when dealing with breeders they do ask if you prefer a bitch and do charge more for them.


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