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Welcome Glenn Sacks Bloggers!

Hi this is a site so those of us who blog on Glenn can go off topic, chat and get to know each other if you wish. Happy blogging!


Just so you all know I have never run a blog before and it may take me a while to figure everything out. Like how to remove the awaiting moderation, and the like . . .



9 Responses to “Welcome Glenn Sacks Bloggers!”

  1. As Spock once said, “Fascinating!”

  2. nazi nazi nazi nazi,
    I feel better now, thanks Bernie.

  3. Hey if anyone has any bodies personal email send them this site because apparently Glenn does not like to leave this address up on his site )-:


  4. Is there another “Jay R”? Fascinating!

    I commend you for this effort, Bernie.

    One thiing I like about Glenn S.’s site is the notification of follow-up posts by e-mail. Are you going to do the same?

  5. “Hey if anyone has any bodies personal email send them this site because apparently Glenn does not like to leave this address up on his site )-:

    I think Glenn has a genuine desire to see men treated fairly but I also think he is riding a gravy train right now as the leadinng MRA guy and surely does not welcome competition of any kind.

    Again, i think he has good intntions but He clearly doesn’t have the same “fire in the belly” that I and many others do, his site is all about provoking argument/discussion in order to drive the traffic up.
    I was happy to discover that I wasn’t the only one that had been screwed by a corrupt system when I discovered his site but am frustrated with the endless discussions about radical feminism. When do we ge to the part about DOING something to actuall fight the corrupt divorce industry?
    He has the ability to mobilize tens of thousands of men for the common purpose of makinng some (nonviolent) noise but instead we are treated to feminist men tellinng us not to wear pleated britches.

    If you bring this up on his blog you run the risk of having your posts deleted for being “disrespectful” to other readers.

  6. Jay R

    I am sorry I am new to this and it took me a while to figure out the defaults settings. In fact when I started everything went to moderation and now that does not happen. That is a great suggestion but it is not an option for me this is a free blog site. I could do it but it would be through a third party notification site and you would have to register with them. Many claim that they do nothing with your email buuuuuut it is the web and I have little trust in web promises and I would not want to do that to my readers.

    Maybe they will make this a feature in the future.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  7. Well, then, I’ll just have to check back, won’t I?

  8. Yeah, again sorry.


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